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Why My Fish Are Stressed And What Can I Do To Avoid It?

Updated on March 15, 2014

The fish that suffer stress diminish its defense mechanisms and are exposed to the infections. Maintain the aquarium in good conditions so that the fish are comfortable, will help to avoid stress and disease.

If the quality of the water is not adequate, if the species that share the tank are incompatible, if the aquarium is not sufficiently mature or if the general conditions of illumination, decoration and food are not good, a fish won't be comfortable in the aquarium.

Most of the problems in the aquarium, are due to the quality of the water. When changing the water of the tank, do not use common tap water do it with treated water.

The chlorine and chloramine present in the common water, are toxic elements for the fish. The changes of water should be made periodically, and will be more frequent according to the quantity of fish contained in the aquarium.

The temperature of the replacement water should be close the same temperature as the tank water.

Avoid Stress on Fish
Avoid Stress on Fish

If the temperature of the water of the tank descends abruptly, the fish will suffer stress.

Those who start as aquarists want to have a varied and colorful aquarium and mix different species. This is a serious error.

If peaceful fish cohabit with aggressive fish, a high stress level will be present in the aquarium.

Each fish needs its own space to develop itself.

Although a fixed rule doesn't exist to determine how many fish can fit into an aquarium, the overcrowding should be avoided.

The overpopulation is detrimental not only for the lack of space but also because it alters the chemical parameters of the water by increasing the organic load.

As mentioned, stress is avoided if the fish are in an optimal environment, where the conditions of the water are favorable.

In a newly installed aquarium the conditions of the water are not the appropriate ones, therefore let it mature before introducing the fish is necessary.

The maturation of the aquarium is carried out to enhance bacterial colonization.

The bacteria are capable of transforming the toxic ammonium compounds in other less toxic. During the maturation period, the bacteria settle in the filter and the bottom gravel.

Good food it is important for the welfare of the fish. Should be varied, not only food in flakes, so that the fish are healthy.

The decoration should be adequate, the fish should have a place where to hide or areas of rest.

Having an aquarium without decorative objects can be a serious mistake. The incorrect illumination can also be an stress factor.

Not all fish have diurnal habits, and not all the diurnal fish, like to be in illuminated areas.

If the fish are not maintained in an aquarium in good condition, the life expectancy will be shortened and the fish will be more prone to diseases.


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