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Finch Bird Feeders

Updated on November 28, 2014

How to Attract Finches into your Garden

Birds that belong to the finch family of wild birds love seeds, you can tell that by the shape of their beaks, perfectly designed to crack seed shells.

Providing them with the right seeds in proper feeders is bound to bring them hurrying to your backyard. On this page you will find a selection of finch feeders and information on the proper seeds to feed them. Of course they need more than seeds so make sure you also supplement what they find in the wild with some fruit and vegetables and some meal worms.

Finches are pretty little birds with what looks like a notched tail when they are at rest. Their bill is short and triangular. They are quite agile little birds and will feed while perching or hanging from feeders. They are flock birds so they don't mind sharing with other finches, although they may be less tolerant with other birds. They have a particular fondness for thistle seeds and black niger seeds.

The image here is a male chaffinch by wildlife photographer AnnMackieMiller Reproduced here with her full permission.

Perky-Pet 399 Patented Upside Down Thistle Feeder
Perky-Pet 399 Patented Upside Down Thistle Feeder

Another nice yet inexpensive feeder, cool design that allows the little birds to feed upright or in the upside down position, it has six ports that they can feed from, which is equipped with a t-perch.

A nice and easy feeder to replenish, just unscrew the reservoir from the bottom, tip it upside down and there you have it! The feeder takes up to around 1.75 pounds of seed.

It comes with a nice plastic loop hanger that allows you to hang from various locations such as the back deck, porch, patio, or window, make sure you pick a nice open space, the birds prefer this.


American Finches and What to Feed Them!

Finches eat seeds - sounds easy enough - but like us they need a protein too, so they also eat insects and invertebrates. In the wild they also forage for fruit, the odd vegetable or two and they love young shoots.

If you want to provide the best for your finch friends add some dried insects or meal worms to the table and put out apples or other fruit. It doesn't have to the best fruit you have available, they will peck away at slightly dried apples but not rotten ones.

Suet pellets also add essential fat and protein to their diet and many brands of suet cakes you can buy add berries and insects to the mix to help them along. You can see some great suet feeders on our sister page.

Finches loves needle seeds and sunflower seeds and will feed naturally in the cups formed by them in nature. Mimic that with some of these stake feeders that sway with the wind.

Perky-Pet LH00355 Solar Lighthouse Finch Bird Feeder
Perky-Pet LH00355 Solar Lighthouse Finch Bird Feeder

A beautiful finch feeder at a reasonable price, has some nice reviews, is pretty sturdy built and lights up at night after you switch it on.

It will take up to around 1.5 pounds of seed, and should any fall, don't worry about the mess as the tray beneath catches it.

This is definitely an unique gift for any bird lover, one point of interest, as I have pointed out before, try to locate your feeders in an open space as birds love open spaces, the display picture in Amazon is not the ideal location, it's OK but the birds will thank you if located in a much more spacious area!

Skinny Squirrel BEST SQUIRREL PROOF BIRD FEEDER - 100% Guaranteed! Large & Simple-to-Hang or Pole Mount - Works Great for Suet, Finch, Blue Jays, and All Other Birds Feeders are #1 For a Reason!
Skinny Squirrel BEST SQUIRREL PROOF BIRD FEEDER - 100% Guaranteed! Large & Simple-to-Hang or Pole Mount - Works Great for Suet, Finch, Blue Jays, and All Other Birds Feeders are #1 For a Reason!

This made in the USA feeder by a Family Business of Bird Lovers has some nice reviews, a few mixed and different results and maybe a little more expensive but it appears to do the job.

If you are not completely satisfied with the product, this bird loving family will return your money.

Reviews are stating that although you can expect a few squirrels, they will soon get fed up and leave, hopefully never to return again, there again, this is what you can expect with all other feeders also.

Be aware, you may see an increase of a variety of birds!

I am liking this feeder the most, mainly because it's made in the USA, by a bird loving family owned business and you get your money back if not completely satisfied.

I may just have to change my outdated feeder!


A Garden for Wildlife

The National Wildlife Foundation inspires us, and all our children to protect all forms of wildlife for the future, having your garden, backyard, or balcony setup right can ensure this happens for us.

It's easy to do, and you don't need acres of property to do so, follow these simple guidelines that are provided by the National Wildlife Federation and you will be on your way to helping our future wildlife, and receive certification/signage that you can proudly display.

How do you Create a Wildlife Garden that is Friendly?

  • Ensure there is food for them
  • Make sure there is always fresh clean water available
  • Provide some form of cover
  • Provide a nice safe area for young to be raised

Woodlink Magnum Thistle Feeder Model MAG2
Woodlink Magnum Thistle Feeder Model MAG2

A nice inexpensive feeder, made in the USA, built with a Plastic Magnum Nyjer Screen Feeder, and tray at the bottom to catch any falling seed, wire mesh tube style feeder and holds up to around five pounds of seed. Comes fully assembled and ready for action.


A nice an easy camera to use, a low cost motion activated camera, that is weather resistant. Mount it almost anywhere, point it towards your intended target and switch it on, as easy as that.

It will capture birds or anything else that enters the field of view. When your camera is activated, it will remain awake for up to 20 seconds, snapping around 20 high quality pictures that are time stamped. On completion it will revert back into a sleep state until something else passes abck through the field of view activating it again.

This WatchCam has been designed with a unique feature which forces it to go to sleep during the dark hours. The sensor shuts off as the sun goes down and will remain asleep until daylight hours.

Your pictures are stored in the 2GB SD Card which comes with the camera, and what you capture can be viewed via the software that is compatible with Windows PC or with other windows imaging applications.

The universal mounting system allows you to locate the camera in multiple areas and at many various angles, attach it to a tree, the wall, or a windows. No matter where you locate it, you will have that perfect piece of equipment to capture those shots you have always wanted.

One thing I need mention and that is if it is windy and trees or bushes are in the cameras line of sight, this will set the camera in motion, so be careful where you locate it.

It's a nice tool, and can provide hours of entertainment, well worth the price and to date I am very pleased with my purchase.

For all you bird watchers and or animal lovers I recommend this WatchCam. Check out the link above for more information.

Dr. Harvey'S Fabulous Blend Natural Food For Finches, 4-Pound Bag
Dr. Harvey'S Fabulous Blend Natural Food For Finches, 4-Pound Bag

Lets not forget about the little guy's food. Comes in a two or four pound bag and there is no Dyes, Coloring Agents, Preservatives, Salt or added Sugar.

Wagner's 62068 Finches Supreme Blend, 5-Pound Bag
Wagner's 62068 Finches Supreme Blend, 5-Pound Bag

Word has it that finches go crazy for this stuff, but why listen to me harp on, have a look at the reviews and see what you think!


Bedlam in the Bird Bath

Large (Up to 22lb) Fresh Dry Dog & Cat Food Plastic Storage Container With Flip Lid & Pour Spout For Pet Food, and Bird Seed, BPA Free by Buddeez
Large (Up to 22lb) Fresh Dry Dog & Cat Food Plastic Storage Container With Flip Lid & Pour Spout For Pet Food, and Bird Seed, BPA Free by Buddeez

Now I know we can all leave the bird food in it's original packaging, but where you actually store it is the issue, leaving this type of food in certain areas can attract undesirable visitors.

With this food dispenser you can see how much you have remaining at a glance, keep the food fresh, limit the aroma of food that is the main attraction to others and most of all, keep it nice and dry and all in one place.

Think about it, you look after your food so why not look after the little guy's food!

You know it makes sense!

IRIS Airtight Food Storage Combo with Scoops
IRIS Airtight Food Storage Combo with Scoops

A nice three piece, airtight food storage container for that bird enthusiast in the family.

As previously mentioned you need pay due care and attention into the storage of bird food, otherwise those pesky unwanted guests may dissent upon you.

Your getting a 32-qt capacity container that holds up to around 40 pounds of bird food and an 8-qt container that holds up to 10lbs of bird food. To help you retrieve the food, the third partner in this deal is a 2-cup scoop with measurement markings. Not only are these nice for the bird food but I guess the larger container is also suitable for either cat or dog food.


Finches Feeding!

Your Turn - Please take a minute to take the poll

Do you have Finches coming to your garden/balcony?

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Traveling Innovations


Which finch feeder will you buy?

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      6 years ago

      I like the daffodil feeder. Very pretty!


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