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Basset Hounds and their owner’s secrete love affair with them

Updated on October 27, 2009

The late Garth Brooks

It was love at first sight!
It was love at first sight!

If you have ever owned a basset hound you will totally relate to this hub

Anyone who has every owned a basset hound understands how sweet, innocent and adorable these precious pooches can be …….when they are asleep that is! The sad brown eyes that look up at you can melt an ice cold heart in a moment…. until they get what they want and start running around the house like a pooch on Prozac! Ah! …….. But the years of unconditional love make it all worth while. These maniacs can be extremely needy and codependent with their owners. These furry friends live in a world all their own. If you decide to give a basset hound a home, you can expect unconditional love and two great ears to listen with when you can’t get to the therapist. They never have a bad day and they will never give you attitude when you walk in the door after a long day. However, basset hounds do talk back. Moreover, they possess built in counter-cruising abilities, ready to high-jack any left-overs. These incredible pups are responsible for a life-long friendship that is second to none! I believe if everyone in the world had a basset hound the mental health industry would collapse.

If you would like to know more about the breed with a heart -go to As well, there is a link to the Basset Hound Rescue; which has a tail-wagging shuffle in almost every state. There is nothing like a party with 200 of these guests of honor!


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