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Beagle Dog Facts and Beagle Dog Breed Interesting Information

Updated on May 11, 2011
the beagle dog
the beagle dog

The Beagle is a type of dog breed that has existed in Great Britain since the early to mid 1500’s, and were used in packs to hunt for hare and rabbits. The beagles back at that time were actually much smaller than the standard beagles of today. Due to how this hound’s tiny size, they were given the name Pocket Beagles in the 16th Century, since they were often small enough to fit into pockets and measured below 10 inches in height.

Now, beagles are known as one of the most popular breeds of dogs up to date. What really first made this family friendly hound skyrocket in popularity with American families was actually the 1950’s cartoon “Snoopy.” Ever since then, beagles have remained one of the classic American dogs.


The beagle is the smallest breed of hound, belonging specifically to the family of dogs known as Scent Hounds .

Height – The height at the withers ranges on average between 13- 15 in.

Weight – Healthy beagles usually weigh in roughly at 17 – 30 lb.

Overall Appearance – The Beagle dog breed holds a fairly similar appearance to that of a smaller Foxhound. Beagles have large floppy ears that are considered to come slightly at a point. The eye colors of this scent hound come in colors that usually consist of dark brown, light brown, and hazel. Beagle tails are long, sturdy, and strong. Beagle’s have small muscular bodies with deep chests.

Coat – Beagles have short waterproof coats that need minimal care. This dog breed has coats with random, large patching variations and come in color pallets of light tan, medium brown, white, and black.


Exercise and Training


Although beagles are a small breed of dog, this does not mean that they little amounts exercise. Beagles are quite an active dog breed (for their size) that should have at least a good 30 minute walk to let out some of their extra energy. A big problem that may occur when beagles don’t meet their exercise standards, these hounds are prone to becoming overweight and restless, so just make sure to take your beagle on nice daily walks. All in all, the exercise requirements for beagles are considered to be at average/considerable amounts.


Despite the fact that beagles are intelligent dogs, they’re hard to train animals. Now, it may seem that intelligence and training would run hand and hand but that’s not always true. Beagles are considerably hard dogs to train since they’re a very independent dog breed. Training beagles different behavioral commands and standards should begin from an early age while they’re still puppies. Some common behavioral issues that beagles often have include excessive howling, digging, and leading a stray from their noses. Since howling, digging, and being led by their noses are only natural to beagles, so there’s only so much you can do to prevent them from these ‘issues.’

cute beagle hound
cute beagle hound

If you love beagles then I highly recommend reading this blog on one of my all time favorite dog breeds, the English Springer Spaniels.

Temperament, Health, and Life Span

Temperament and Personality

What makes beagles such special dogs are by far their personalities and temperaments. Beagles are friendly, sweet, and caring dogs. This hound breed makes an outstanding family pet since they’re extremely tolerant of and loving with children. Thanks, to the beagle dog breed and it's well rounded temperament, they make the perfect canine companions to both people and dogs. The main thing to keep in mind though when it comes to having other pets around the house with a beagle is that they may go after certain types of small animals since they’re a hunting breed.

Health and Life Span

The Beagle dog breed for the most part live long healthy lives. The normal life span for this breed of dog is 12 to 15 years of age. Like many purebred pooches, they do come with a few hereditary health risks and concerns. Some of the more common health problems which may occur in beagles include CHD (Canine Hip Dysplasia), epilepsy, glaucoma, intervertebral disc disease, and hypothyroidism.

For owners looking for a dog breed that’s great with kids and small children and a loyal companion then  the beagle may just be dog you're looking for.


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    • creative1975 profile image

      creative1975 5 years ago from Christchurch, NZ

      I like the Beagle and so I found this an interesting read and one I would or could refer to in the future. We have a Labrador, which is also a lovely natured dog, but one day I would love to have a Beagletoo. I voted up. Thanks!