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From the parrot's beak: wrong place, wrong time edition

Updated on November 26, 2016
Peregrine falcons and parakeets: not a good mix. Be careful when bringing birds outside. -Photo by George Sommers
Peregrine falcons and parakeets: not a good mix. Be careful when bringing birds outside. -Photo by George Sommers

- It Preys in Peoria: A peregrine falcon made short work of a parakeet left outside in Peoria, AZ (not Illinois). The predator managed to squeeze into a dime sized hole of the cage which was left outside but the raptor was then unable to escape. The mother of the boy who owned PD the parakeet and his companion Snowy ran outside when she heard a loud banging and managed to rescue Snowy but was too late for PD. She set the hawk free only for it to return 15 minutes later, probably looking for seconds. The family plans to have a memorial for PD and to get Snowy a new companion - and no longer leave their pets outside unattended..

- Pollytics '16: A sparrow managed to find its way into the house of a 'too owner and self-described Democratic voter. As the sparrow flew overhead, the homeowner's rose breasted cockatoo cried out "Hello, Darlin'". No confirmation, but one has to wonder if this was Bernie Sanders' bird taking refuge from the incoming Administration.

- Parrotrivia: "The Monkees" take jobs aboard a ship only to find the captain is a pirate with ulterior motives he only reveals to Horace, the yellow head Amazon. Mickey sneaks into the captain's quarters one night and attempts to find out the details by imitating Horace's voice. The boys are found guilty of mutiny - and impersonating a parrot - and almost have to walk the plank.

- Coming Up Rosella: Reports of Western Rosellas near Perth, Australia have been made recently; encouraging as they appear to now be extinct in the Northern wheat belt.

- Elmer Fudd Clone Bags Parrot: A grinning, camo wearing hunter displays the colorful corpse of an Amazon parrot he shot, quite possibly in the US, in a photo circulating on the 'Net. Parrot lovers decry the "murder" of a beautiful bird, but others say not so fast, it is an invasive species. But really, now; is the corpse of a parrot more enjoyable than seeing one fly free in the wild?

- Not Going Orange Belly Up Yet: Australia National University researchers raised a phenomenal $70,000 in less than two days in a public appeal in their desperate efforts to save Australia's most endangered bird, the orange-bellied parrot. Proceeds will pay for a world-first breeding program aimed at boosting the number of wild-born orange bellied parrots before they become extinct. There are only 3 female and 11 male wild orange-bellied parrots left in in Tasmania, Australia. There is a small captive breeding population and a rush project is an attempt to integrate some of those eggs and nestlings in with the few wild parrots left to see if they can survive. Captive bred birds have not fared well in the wild, so the only hope to save this species in the wild is to act before the few remaining wild ones die.

- Quote o' the week:I used to be a people person but I prefer parrots now.

- Hot Dates: 11/26: Sex & the Single Bird class. 2 pm. Parrot University. 321 South Polk St, Pineville NC

11/27: Everybody's Bird Mart, 9:30-4:00. Adult admission $10, children aged 11 or younger FREE. Pomona Fairplex in Expo Hall 4. Ponoma, CA.-- Avian Health & Medicine class - 2 pm) . Parrot University, Fairfax, VA

12/2-3: TASC Midwest Bird Expo/2016 National Cage Bird Show - Speakers include
animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich, avian veterinarian Susan Orosz DVM, avian conservationist Caroline Efstathion PhD, Jason Crean MS EdD, Jamie Whitaker, Pete Sakas DVM, Patricia Sund, and Elise Franchi. Huge vendor room. Pheasant Run Resort, 4051 East Main St., St. Charles, IL - Fri 1-7, Sat 10-3

12/3-4: Tim Vogle's Southeastern Exotic Bird Fair - Gwinnett County Fairgrounds, 2405 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA - 9-4 pm both days

- Found: Blue front Amazon.Portland OR (503) 254-3390


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