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Best Dog Flea Treatment

Updated on August 21, 2012

Dog Flea Severe Dermatitis


Best dog flea treatment: Overview

During my vacations when in college, I worked vocationally for leading a pet store. From my experience working in a Pet store, one of the most sought after, dog grooming product is ‘the best dog flea treatment’. While many dog owners think about best treatment for dog fleas, I think the best way to approach dog flea infestation problem is by prevention. Don’t wait until the dog is severely infested, for you to look for the best available ways to treat dog fleas!

It’s said time and again that prevention is better than cure. I am a strong advocate for dog flea control measures as an alternative to flea treatment. The former is very economical than the latter. For the sake of people who still want to know about best medications for flea treatment in dogs, I have the following for you.

But before I begin let me say that I am concentrating on educating you on the best choice for a dog flea treatment and I will not recommend any brand whatsoever. This is a general article on the best dog flea treatment or if you like medications out there. This is certainly not a dog flea treatment products review.

Medicated Dog Flea Shampoos

Dog flea shampoos could be the best choice for dog flea control. Medicated dog flea shampoos could double up as the best flea treatment as well.

Whichever brand of the medicated dog shampoo you choose you should read the label to identify the active ingredients and their role in treatment of fleas in dogs.

Factors to Guide you in Selection of the Best Dog Flea Treatment

The following factors could guide you on the best shampoo that is suitable for your dog.

  • Residual Activity

Usually the best dog flea treatment shampoo should have a reasonable amount of residual activity that spans for a considerable period of time. The dog flea shampoo should also not react with other medications used for routine treatment of dog skin, or other dog skin care products.

  • Non Irritation

The dog flea shampoos can be made from different ingredients that are potent for elimination of dog fleas. You should carefully examine each of these ingredients and their potential of causing irritation to the dog's skin. Your dog breed could be predisposed to one of the active ingredient of this dog flea shampoo. It's necessary to check out these active ingredients and their possible side effects.

  • Synergism in Action

The best dog flea treatment shampoo should have the ability to act together with other flea treatments, augmenting their action synergistically. The ingredient of dog shampoo should not be contraindicated for any skin related medications.

Remember: The best dog flea treatment shampoo should have not irritation to the skin and must have a reasonable residual or activity period.

Dog Shampoo Best treatment for fleas

In this case it would be virtually impossible to discuss the medications best for treatment of dog flea without mentioning a brand or two, however, you should always make a choice depending on a wide range of factors like dog breed, affordability, your vet recommendation and the purpose of using the dog flea treatment (curative or prophylaxis)

· Imidacloprid

This is one of the most effective flea treatments in dogs. This compound is known for its efficacy in treatment of flea infestation in dogs and is also effective for dog heartworms treatment. This ingredient is not limited to dog fleas but acts on a wide variety of external parasites like lice, ticks as well as intestinal worms (helminthes)

Tip: Imidacloprid is active ingredient that is used in the following brands:

o Advantage for Dogs

o Advocate for Dogs

o Advantix for Dogs

· Selamectin

This is another active ingredient that is very effective for getting rid of dog fleas. This active ingredient is useful for treating dog fleas and other external parasites and internal parasites. The compound is also very popular for treatment of ear mites in dogs.

Tip: Selamectin is a very useful medication for treatment of fleas and is used in the following brand:

  • Revolution for Dogs

Oral Best Dog Flea Treatment

Oral flea treatments are designed to stop the life cycle of the flea instead of elimination of the adult fleas. They come in form of chewable products. When the fleas suck blood containing the active flea treatment compound they become sterilized.

One of the popular products that are given as flea oral medication is:

  • Sentinel

It’s imperative to note that these oral medications may not necessarily kill adult fleas and will therefore require to be used together with other products effective for elimination of adult fleas.

Dog Flea Sprays

The dog sprays are very popular with many dog owners. It's often argued that their effectiveness is possible due to huge amount of active ingredient that is spayed at once.

One of the most effective brands of dog flea sprays is:

  • Frontline Spray

These are some of the most effective ways that you can employ to get rid of dog fleas.


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