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Best Horse Riding Holidays & Vacations

Updated on May 6, 2013

If you are into horseback riding, and want to travel the world in a new, unique way, you may want to consider one of the many horse riding holidays around the world. These types of vacations are perfect for horse riding enthusiasts as well as travel enthusiasts, and make for an excellent way to see the world in a new light.

How do you choose the right holiday, though? Depending on how strong your adventurous spirit is, there are holidays to meet your exact needs.

Ranch Horse Riding Holidays When you are looking to get away from the world and truly relax like cowboys did in the old West, ranch horse riding holidays are a perfect choice. Ranch locations around the world help connect you with wildlife and beautiful scenery on horseback, and even throw in a bit of work to help authenticate your vacation.

If you are only available to get away for a short trip, ranch holidays are a perfect choice.

Horse riding holidays
Horse riding holidays

African Horseback Safari If you prefer an even more spectacular experience, an African horseback safari may be a better option for you. These types of vacations take you back to the wild, allowing you to roam with some of the largest animals in the world. From giraffes, zebras, lions, buffalo, and even elephants, the wildlife that you encounter will leave you truly speechless.

These types of horseback riding holidays are recommended for more experienced riders because of the nature of predator animals. There are certain holidays that cater to beginner riders, but the sights that you come across as an experienced rider is unmatched.

Riding Expedition A shorter riding expedition is also available to people who are limited on time, or would simply rather spend a few days on horseback, to return home when they are done. These types of holidays will have you sleeping in the wild, typically camping out in two man tents next to a campfire. If you are not feeling quite as rustic, you can also book holidays that have you sleeping inside of a farmhouse, instead of roughing it in the wilderness.

When you are considering a horse riding holiday, you want to take extra safety precautions, as well as perhaps taking your own horse riding helmets, instead of relying on the organizer to provide one. You need to ensure that you are physically fit, and have your health checked with a physician before you leave.

You may need vaccinations to prevent bacteria in other countries from making you ill. Consider letting loved ones know which countries you will be visiting, and how long you intend to stay abroad as well.


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  • Nicky Hoseck profile image

    Nicky Hoseck 

    6 years ago from South Africa

    In addition to African Horseback Safaris, there are a number of establishments in South Africa offering unsurpassed beach trails ( and other horse-riding experiences so don't feel you have to view game as part of your African horse-riding experience as there are plenty of other opportunities to choose from.


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