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Best Hypoallergenic Dogs

Updated on January 2, 2014

Best Hypoallergenic Dogs

Best Hypoallergenic Dogs
Best Hypoallergenic Dogs | Source

Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

The best hypoallergenic dogs are redefining the ideal dog that you should take home to your kids. Regardless of your preference when selecting a dog breed for adoption, the best hypoallergenic dogs list is one that you cannot afford to ignore. With more and more people being diagnosed with dog hair allergies, selection of hypoallergenic dog breed for a family pet is inevitable. According to many dog owners, the best hypoallergenic dogs will not expose you and your family to serious allergies caused by dog hair, dander or dog fur. It is often said; prevention is better than cure. Hypoallergenic dog breeds are dog breeds that have low cases reported of allergic infections in humans.

Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds Good For Allergic People

Wikipedia definition of hypoallergenic dog breed refers to these dogs as crossbreed dogs that have a reasonably good compatibility with allergic persons. Though scientists have different opinion about these dogs, it is evident that many people prefer hypoallergenic dogs for adoption. For those who are no allergic to dogs that shed most, their maintenance is nuisance that every new dog owner cannot cope with. According to this definition we can all agree that compatibility is the sole reason why we prefer the best hypoallergenic dogs to dogs that shed the most.

You can read more about hypoallergenic dogs from Wiki here hypoallergenic dog breed

Do the best hypoallergenic dogs predispose you to allergies?

When you have a dog at home you tend to have high chances of interactions with the dog all the time you spend at home. This increases your vulnerability to allergic reactions if you have a dog that sheds much. It is simply impossible to have a dog at home that sheds much and not get allergic reactions. If you and your family, want to adopt a dog, you should contemplate getting a dog breed that do not shed or one described as hypoallergenic to reduce or eliminate the chances of developing allergic relations at home. Hypoallergenic dogs are dogs that have low cases of allergic infections to humans. These breeds have been often crossed to reduce their shedding and therefore do not predispose their owners to dog allergies.

Selecting the Best Hypoallergenic Dog for Adoption

If you are looking forward to adopting a dog be give you companionship or as a family pet, you need to consider on top of your list, the kind of breed you want, before hitting the road to see dogs offered for adoption in the local shelters. In the local shelters you can get a great companion dog but buying a dog can also be a good way to get your ideal hypoallergenic dog breed. While the dog shelters may only offer dogs that are available for adoption, getting a deal from a good hypoallergenic dog breeder can be a great idea. In most cases you need to know the precise breed that you are looking for before you approach the breeder or the shelter. If you have the right kind of attitude and know what you want in a dog, you can easy find the ideal dog for your lifestyle.

I would advise you to look for any hypoallergenic dog from your local shelter or consider visiting a local breeder to see the kind of breed that are the best hypoallergenic breeds that are offered for sale. Consider the list below as the best hypoallergenic dogs but the bottom line when selecting such a dog should be the hereditary. It is worth noting that majority of the best hypoallergenic dog breed have been crossed and are not necessarily pure breeds. With this notion, you will certainly get the right dog for your kids or family.

List of Best Hypoallergenic Dogs

Bichon Frise
Chinese Crested
Irish Water Spaniel
Kerry Blue Terrier
(Toy, Min, Std)
Portuguese Water Dog
Bedlington Terrier
(Min, Std, Giant)
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier


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