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Best Multi-Level Cat Climbers

Updated on October 1, 2014

Cats love to climb!

Let's face it! It's just in their nature... these adorable little fur balls share genetics with the tigers, panthers and cougars who live in the wild. Even though they're sweet and lovable in our laps, they have a little spark of that wild nature deep down inside that urges them to play, pounce, explore... and climb!

Even though he's no longer the king of the jungle, a cat climber of his own will make him feel like king of the castle. He can romp and work off his energy when he's excited. He can perch up high and be the master of all he surveys. Or, he can find a quiet, private little cave to climb into to get away from it all when he feels like being alone.

Cat climbers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small units you can stick in the corner of an apartment, to massive mansions and jungle gyms that can take up half a room if you've got the space. Let's take a look at some of these really cool multi-level cat climbers.

Ware Cat Tower Hideout

If you can't afford the floor space, how about a cat tower that hangs on the wall or on a door?

This multi-level cat tower is easy to install-- just hang it over an interior door. When your cat is done with it, or when guests are coming and it would be in the way, just fold it up. It conveniently folds together for storage so it can be placed in a closet or under a bed.

If you prefer to keep it up full time, use the mounting hardware (included) to mount it on the wall.

Comfortable sheepskin liner is attached by Velcro so it's convenient to remove and wash. Unlike most cat towers, this one is not covered in carpeting-- which means you don't have to worry about trapped hair and dust getting into it.Instead, it's made from durable, scratch-resistant 600 x 300 denier nylon. It's easy to clean, and the mesh allows you to watch your kitties play.

Thinking about making your cat an indoor cat?

Keep us safe and fit with a climber indoors!
Keep us safe and fit with a climber indoors!

Should You Keep your Cat Indoors?

There are a lot of debates as to whether to keep cats indoors. Of course, for certain areas, and certain cats, it can be much more dangerous than for others, but according to veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker, your cat will most likely live longer if you keep them indoors. From her webpage:

It's for their own safety, and it's the neighborly thing to do. Very few people live on the kind of country acreage that my wife and I do; in a suburban neighborhood, your free-roaming cat will be goading the neighbor's dog into barking, digging in the neighbor's flowerbeds and stalking songbirds at the neighbor's birdfeeder. Even if you don't care what the neighbors think, what they think may lead to your cat's being trapped or intentionally poisoned. It happens all the time.

But that's only the beginning of the risks to outdoor cats. They're all too often hit by cars or eaten by coyotes (yes, even in the most urban of neighborhoods, coyotes roam boldly). They get accidentally trapped in sheds, garages and basements, and starve to death. They walk through puddles of spilled antifreeze, lick their paws and die. They fight with other cats, picking up diseases or getting abscesses that are painful and can be expensive to treat. They get and spread parasites.

The biggest threat to indoor cats, however, is due to inactivity. This can cause boredome and even obesity. You can solve that problem by placing what is known as "environmental enrichment" right in the home - great cat climber can really enrich your cat's environment!

What Say You?

Do you think cats should be allowed outdoors, or kept indoors?

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Indoor or outdoor cat?

Some people think it's cruel to keep cats indoors; nature made them to be wild animals, and they need to get out and play, socialize and explore. Being cooped up just makes them miserable, lazy, fat and overly-dependent on you.

Others think it's cruel to let cats outdoors; they face too many dangers, and it lowers their life expectancy. It's also a nuisance for neighbors and a threat to local wildlife. As long as cats are provided with stimulating environments, play time and attention, they will be fine indoors.

Cat Furniture Tree Condo House - Scratcher Post Pet House F32

Pixabay/Hellinger 14 Public Domain Image
Pixabay/Hellinger 14 Public Domain Image

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Color

Moving on to a larger model, this is a great cat climber to place in a corner if you have a smaller home or apartment. At only 19"W x 19"L x 51"H and with the conveient corner-shaped design, it's not obstructive and won't dominate the space in the room, but still gives your cat ample places to romp, play and climb.

The posts are covered by natural sisal rope, ideal for scratching and clawing-- you can finally redirect your cat from the sofa to his own scratching post. Sturdy and durable carpeted wood board, yet it's lightweight enough to move if necessary.

The top tier features a dangling mouse toy for cats who like to swat and bat at toys hanging from a string, and the large cubbyhole is big enough for any cat to go in for a bit of privacy and relaxation.

You won't believe how easy this model is to assemble-- an easy-to-read, step-by-step instructional guide and tools are included, so your cat will be up and at it within 10 minutes.

Trixie Oviedo Cat Tree - multi-level cat climber

The TRIXIE Oviedo Cat Tree has posts covered in durable sisal for scratching and clawing, again a great way to train your cat to keep his claws out of your furniture! They can't help their scratching instincts, and these sturdy posts will let them go crazy and scratch away, fulfilling that urge.

The rest of the model is covered in plush carpeting, inside and outside, for comfort and warmth. Your cat will enjoy climbing on the many tiers, slinking through the tunnel or curling up in the little cubbie hole for a nap.

If your cat is a jumper and really loves the heights, he'll enjoy the top platform, which features a supportive backrest and padding for additional comfort. With so many ins and outs, and ups and downs, the adventure never ends!

The color is a neutral beige; the subtle earth tones of the sisal and plush fabric also make this piece of cat furniture easy to integrate into your home dcor. Dimensions: Condo base 18.5 x 11 in; 2 scratching posts 3.5 x 7.75 and 3.5 x 11.75 in; 1 tunnel 7.75 x 17.25 in; 2 platforms 11.25 x 12.5 and 11.75 x 15.75 in; 1 padded platform with back 18.5 in.

This cat climber is suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels; it comes with a 1 year warranty.

Kitty Mansions Florence Cat Tree, Brown/Beige

This is a really well-made, sturdy cat condo with a creative design and beautiful coloring. Four levels of fun are waiting for your feline, from the bottom scratch post, to the second story cubby hole, to the third story platform with a dangling ball for pawing and swatting, to the very top: the ultra-plush cat bed for stretching out and relaxing while giving your cat the best view in the house.

Easy to assemble, and replacement posts are available should you need them.

This cat tower model is spacious and sturdy enough for more than one cat. Overall dimensions are 21-inch l x 21-inch w x 53-inch high.

One Cat? Or a Herd? Tell Us...

How many cats do you own?

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Armarkat Cat Tree - Large Cat Climber

Now we're getting into size, here! Check out this cat condo. With four different level platforms, a little cubby hole, small hiding tunnel, climbing/clawing rope, multiple posts for scratching and a comfortable hammock, your cat can live in serious style!

This model is great for a household with multiple cats. Made of sturdy pressed wood board and covered with faux fur in a neutral style that complements any interior d├ęcor, this cat tower is designed for comfort and style. With dimensions measuring 36 x 20 x 62 inches; this allows not just for sturdiness as well as height for those cats who like to perch high for a birds-eye view of their domain.

Armarkat Cat Tree - Large Cat Climber


Huge Multi-Condo Cat Gym in Beige

Designed for your cat to scratch, climb, jump, play, and even to sleep or lounge on in style. A big play area like this prevents cat damage to home furniture, drapery and carpet by keeping your cats thoroughly entertained. If you have made the commitment to keeping cats indoors at all times, then this is a great model for them to have for getting all their exercise. It's a cat paradise.

This massive kitty house is 70 inches wide, 18 inches long and 92 to 106 inches high! The top pole is adjustable, and if you want to make it even sturdier you can attach it to the ceiling.

Made of sturdy pressed wood, covered with an attractive faux fur and plenty of textured sisal rope for scratching and clawing. Ltos of hiding places, perches, comfortable beds, a hammock, ropes, tunnels, ladders-- the fun never ends.

Huge Multi-Condo Cat Gym in Beige - For a Cat Palace in your Own Home

Cat Paradise

It just doesn't get any better than this. If you've got the space, and you really want to treat your cats to a designer climber where they can get plenty of exercise and have lots of fun, this is the model you want to consider.


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