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Great stuff for your Bichon Frise!

Updated on January 17, 2017
GollyGearHope profile image

Hope Saidel is co-owner of Golly Gear, a bricks-and-mortar and online shop featuring fun, affordable and practical small dog products

Bright, beautiful and bubbly - is a Bichon right for you?

According to the Bichon Frise Club of America, the Bichon is "Gentle-mannered, sensitive, playful and affectionate. A cheerful attitude is the hallmark of the breed and one should settle for nothing less."

Sonny and Casey (shown modeling for our store!) belong to a dear friend. They're the first Bichons I've really gotten to know and I've been enchanted by their bright, bubbly personalities, their sensitivity, their joyfulness, and their tiny bit of stubbornness - these boys certainly aren't pushovers!

Bichons originated in the Mediterranean and are related to other "fluffy little dogs" - the Bolognese, the Maltese, and the Havanese. The Bichon is an ancient breed, originally descended from Water Spaniels and are now incomparable companions.

Our staff here at Golly Gear would be delighted to help you find just what your Bichon needs!

Poochee Rolled Leather Harness

The Poochee Step-in Harness in Rolled Cloth is a simple, easy-to-use harness that's practical and stylish. It's instantly adjustable for any Bichon! We've found that cloth styles glide more easily through soft fur than flat. Just pull the sliders up, put your little dog's front paws through the openings, bring the leash up, adjust the sliders and you're ready for a walk! The cloth is wrapped around piping to make the harness comfortable for your little one.

Bandana Collar Scarf

This Bandana collar scarf solves all the problems with bandanas! No knots! No collar tangling! The collar slips through a pocket in the collar scarf - no knots, no tangles, the bandana stays around the dog's neck - like it's supposed to! These collar scarves are safe to machine wash and dry.

Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover

Eye Envy is the ultimate in tear stain removal systems. It's externally applied and is safe, non-irritating and effective at removing unsightly stains and inhibiting future ones.

Eye Envy uses a combination of three main ingredients that attack the cause of tear stains. It's not a cover-up or bleach, but a cleanser and astringent, and an antibacterial agent that mimics the properties of a natural antibiotic.

Tinki Vest

We really don't know whether to call these soft collars, harnesses, or clothes! We do know that the Tinki Vest from Susan Lanci Designs is one of the most elegant, simplest, and finest small dog harnesses we've ever seen. The design is elegant and simple and the material is fabulous. These vests are made of Ultrasuede, butter-soft. Colors are rich and vivid. Care is easy - a simple occasional brushing, mild detergent for most stains.

Crystal Collar

Want a little sparkle on your little dog's leather collar? These Signature Leather Crystal Collars by OmniPet are practical and offer that little bit of bling you want. Carefully crafted in the USA, the collar is 1/2 inch wide, and the crystals are prong-set. The crystals span most of the top of the collar and there is a leash ring at the center, so you can see the sparkle while you're walking your little one!


Pawz is the answer for protecting your little dog's paws against allergens, snow melt, lawn chemicals, liquids, soil or sand. Pawz boots are made of natural rubber and are so thin your little dog can feel the ground, providing a sense of security. Pawz boots are waterproof. Pawz boots are easy to put on your dog's little paws without straps or elastic. Just expand Pawz with your fingers and place on the paw! Pawz boots are reusable and disposable!

As a breed, Bichon Frises are gentle, happy, even-tempered dogs who were bred to be ideal family companions.

Some Bichons may be somewhat timid and this tendency should be counter-acted with controlled, positive outings exposing the dog to new places, people and situations. The dog should be encouraged to explore new things, but never forced. Willingness to "check things out" should be rewarded. As the dog learns to trust that his owner is in control he may become bolder and less fearful.

Another aspect of shyness is separation anxiety. To combat this tendency, make sure the dog is happy and comfortable in his crate, gets a special treat when you leave, and gradually increase the amount of time the dog is left along in his crate. Try not to make a fuss when you return, and wait until the dog is calm before releasing him from the crate.

© 2008 Hope

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      9 years ago

      Nice Lens, good job.


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