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Dog Collars with Bling

Updated on September 30, 2014

Dog Collars With Bling - For Only The Most Discriminating Pets

I'm sitting here looking for blingy dog collars for one of my little dogs, Rita. She's often mistaken for being a male dog as she's, well, let me put it politely - um, stocky.

Rita's name should have been 'Tank-ini' as she really lumbers like a little tank when she walks. So, that's why I like to doll her up with some bling, and there's no better way than a pink dog collar with bling to get the job done!

As I was looking through just now to pick out her new dog collar, I noticed that the search results didn't return what I was looking for. I had to put more terms into the search box like 'dog collar bling', 'dog collars with bling' 'bling dog collars' and all searches came back differently. So, what I've done on this Squidoo article is find the best, most beautiful dog collars with bling that I could find and put them all here for you - and for me too as I now have to find a dog collar with rhinestones (bling!) for Gizmo, my littlest girl.

So, come on - grab your wallet and let's get shopping!

Photo credit: All of the photos on Dog Collars with Bling are of my own dogs with the exception of the Amazon articles for sale like that rhinestone collar I just bought for Rita above. I'll give you more information on this particular collar if you scroll down.

Rita in her new bling dog collar

dog collar with bling
dog collar with bling

Now, as you can see, my little girl Rita has long blond hair so you can't really see the bling in the collar unless she's hooked to a leash, which she rarely is.

But, you can see her new pink rhinestone dog collar with bling peeking out from under her neck. I love this collar!

A Few Articles About My Dogs

bling dog collars
bling dog collars

I'm a huge lover of dogs who are down on their luck and my current 3 rescues sure were. But, they ended up living wonderful lives. The picture above is of Barley (my basset-wanna be) and Killian at my West Virginia cabin which was one of their favorite spots in the world.

Here's a few articles I've written about my best friends ever:

Introducing Golden Margarita - My rescue dog from the Caribbean island St Croix
Here's an article I wrote about wee Margarita - ie, Rita - whom came to me from a long way away. I sometimes feel sorry about plucking her off a Caribbean island but I know she's safe and happy with me.

Introducing my dog Gizmo - Born to Ride!
Here's another article about my littlest rescue, Gizmo. She's changed my life - way for the better.

How to calm down an energetic dog such as an Australian Shepherd
Don't miss my article about Killian, my Australian Shepherd, who is my brown and white soul dog.

Hops - the 3-legged wonder dog!
And, here's another of my heart dogs - Hopps. My 3-legged wonder who died just 3 months after my 95 year old Mama.

The Prettiest Dog Collars With Bling - Every Girl Should Wear Rhinestones!

Rita is a rhinestone girl although she doesn't particularly care, but I do! A dog collar with bling just seems to be the thing to do especially for a masculine looking dog. The below rhinestone dog collars were some of the prettiest I saw on but, scroll even further down for the best of the best dog collars with bling.

OmniPet Signature Leather Crystal and Leather Dog Collar, 10", Purple
OmniPet Signature Leather Crystal and Leather Dog Collar, 10", Purple

My dog, Rita, almost got this bling designer dog collar, but it doesn't look like the rhinestones go all the way around. It does come in about a million colors though!

17"-20.5" Pink Faux Croc Leather Spiked Dog Collar 2" Wide, 40 Large Spikes
17"-20.5" Pink Faux Croc Leather Spiked Dog Collar 2" Wide, 40 Large Spikes

Here's a blingy dog collar for a large dog, this pink collar with rhinestones also is studded!

Pink Velvet Princess Rhinestone Pet Dog Cat Collar Sz Small
Pink Velvet Princess Rhinestone Pet Dog Cat Collar Sz Small

This dog collar with bling is for the littles of girls - it's ribbon sewn onto nylon webbing.

~Prissy Pink Aurora~3/8" Crystal Rhinestone Pet Dog Cat Collar Small #376
~Prissy Pink Aurora~3/8" Crystal Rhinestone Pet Dog Cat Collar Small #376

I couldn't do it to Rita but, if you have a princess small dog, this bling dog collar might be for her.


Cats or Dogs?

designer dog collars
designer dog collars

Amidst my 4 dogs, you might find my 1 confused cat, JB, wandering by. JB actually rules the roost, and the dogs all know it. JB came to me as a rescue. He lived on his own for 5 years, in the woods by a neighborhood in Virginia. When I first took him to the vet for a cough, I was saddened to find that he not only has FIV, but also, the x-ray uncovered a bullet in his belly. Someone had shot this poor cat. Ah, but that's in the past. JB has a great life now as an indoor only cat. He's never been happier.

So, let's do a poll about dogs vs. cats....

Which make better pets? Dogs or Cats?

See results

My Own Rescue Dogs

dog collar bling
dog collar bling

That picture above is of my 6 dogs - the pack has thinned to 4 recently with the passings of Barley and Hopps within the last year. They were both 15 and had pretty horrible starts in life but had very strong finishes. Barley and Hopps are well missed, but I rest easy knowing that these dogs had wonderful lives.

So, from left to right, those dogs are:

1. Rita - she came to me from St. Croix

2. Matee - the pug - she's my boyfriend's dog

3. Barley - my very first foster dog and the first one I chose to keep.

4. Killian - my 19th foster dog and the second I chose to keep.

5. Hopps - my 3-legged wonder dog and

6. Gizmo! My littlest dog. She was in very sad shape when I adopted her 5 years ago. $600 later (the very next day after I adopted her), she was on her way to a great life.

Ok, enough about me and my dogs. You're here to see bling dog collars so here's some more:


blingy dog collar
blingy dog collar

Here's my littlest sweetheart, Gizmo. I live to give her bling on her dog collar as she's often mistaken for a male dog - not that she cares. Or me either. She loves attention and is never very far from me when we're together.

Gizmo, being only 7 lbs, was the lucky dog who was chosen to come along with me on my month-long trip to Arizona in May, 2013. We had a lot of fun - well, I did. Gizmo, it turns out, is more of a homebody. So, from here on out, she'll remain at home when I fly on travels.

Ok, there to the right is the most expensive dog collar on I truly couldn't believe the price.

Obviously, my dogs are very cherished - how about yours? Did you rescue? Do you like a certain breed? Please leave me comments about your own pets, or not....

Got Dogs?

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    • gottaloveit2 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @Gypzeerose: Ha ha! I'm blessed with the calmest Australian Shepherd on the earth.

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 

      6 years ago

      I love my border collie but he is too intense. The next time I going to get a mop.

    • profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago

      Ooooh la la that is indeed enough bling to almost blind a gal (or a canine). Beautiful.


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