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About Boston Terriers!

Updated on April 7, 2015
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Hope Saidel is co-owner of Golly Gear, a bricks-and-mortar and online shop featuring fun, affordable and practical small dog products

Boston Terriers are American originals - and still favorites!

According the the Boston Terrier Club of America, "Boston Terriers are special dogs that can do special things. They are highly intelligent and learn quickly. They enjoy showing off in the conformation ring and do very well in Obedience, Therapy work, and Performance Events (Agility, Flyball and even Weight pulling!) Bostons excel in many roles. A Boston Terrier can be a child's rough and tumble best buddy, or a senior citizen's soulmate and confidante. Most of all they excell at being your 'best friend'!

"However, they are not for everyone.

"Bostons require a lot of time and attention. They are and have been bred to be companions. They will languish without human contact. They are not "outside" dogs!

"Boston Terriers are very active dogs that love to play. Without some basic training they may jump on you and maybe even give little nips while playing. Some Bostons have been given up for adoption or dropped off the local 'dog pound' for these very reasons."

I've been lucky enough to share my life with four Boston Terriers. Our first family dog was a Boston named Spunky. He was, indeed, my best friend as I was growing up and I can't imagine any kid having a better one.

Booker in his Shoulder Collar harness
Booker in his Shoulder Collar harness

Booker joined our family!

Booker is the latest Boston Terrier to share our lives.

But it wasn't easy finding a "good" one!

When it's time for you to find your perfect puppy there are no short cuts.

You should contact your local breed club (you can find breed information and links to local clubs at the American Kennel Club site (, talk to breeders, go to see their dogs, and "meet" the prospective parents if at all possible.

Like many breeds, Boston Terriers have changed over the years. We've met many these days that seem hyperactive - even reactive and shy.

As with any purchase - do your research and find the best match for your family. With luck, your Boston Terrier will be a member of your family for many years. Make every single one wonderful!

Our best recommendations for Boston Terriers!

The ComfortFlex Sport Harness, pictured here, is among our favorites for active, powerful dogs like Bostons. It's easy to use, easy to adjust, sturdy, and distributes pulling pressure all along the dog's chest.

You can find the ComfortFlex and our other suggestions for BTs in the "Shop By Breed" section of our shop, Golly Gear.


Ceilidh was a sugar-sweet girl

Ceilidh (pronounced Kay-lee) was the first female Boston in our lives - and so far, the only girl BT. Her full (registered) name was "Sugar Sweet Party Attitude" and it described her to a "T"!

Much as we loved Ceilidh, we knew that something wasn't quite right in her brain - every single day, every experience, everything was brand-new all the time. She greeted the world with love and happiness every day. We lost her much too soon, at nine years old, to constant seizures that confirmed that her brain "wiring" had always been amiss.

Learn more about Boston Terriers

Booker in Turquoise Leather Collar
Booker in Turquoise Leather Collar

Stylish little dogs

With their permanent tuxedos, Boston Terriers look good in any color! Most Bostons are black and white, many have some brindling (brown hairs, usually fairly stripey), some are more brownish/red in color. Booker has a little bit of brindle, more is showing up as he grows up. We think he looks rather spiffy in his turquoise Leather Collar, but any color would probably be great on a Boston Terrier.

Daemon was a canine genius

The second BT in our family, Daemon, was the smartest dog I've ever known. Like most BTs, he was full of energy and loved playing, training and learning. We had to think of new "tricks" to teach him almost every week - just to keep his brain engaged.

He was a bit of a picky eater. Daemon did not like dog food unless we added some soup to it. His favorite was Chunky Steak and Potato.

Booker is our ace model!

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Red Sequin Bow Tie
Red Sequin Bow Tie
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Vest Harness
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Wrap-N-Go Harness
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Padded Y Harness

© 2009 Hope

How wonderful is your Boston? Tell everybody!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      We now have 3, they're the BEST!! Nice work on the lens :)

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image

      WindyWintersHubs 6 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      BTS have wonderful personalities. I have two BT grandpups who are so entertaining. :)

    • Gendhis LM profile image

      Gendhis LM 7 years ago

      My brother in law has beautiful BT. Once a week, my little daughter always gives favorite food to it. Well, thanks a lot about this lens!