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10 Ways to Accommodate and Care for Your Blind Dog

Updated on April 7, 2016

A blind dog can be rewarding experience!

Having a blind dog can be a blessing as well as a challenge for anyone who has been in that boat. I personally have a 13 year old blind dachshund. My wife and I inherited her from my wife’s grandfather before he passed away. Over the time she came into our home, we have found several ways to make things easier for her, as us!

1) Furniture Arrangement: We all like to rearrange furniture at times but I am referring to everyday tasks. It is smart to try and keep chairs tucked in, coffee tables in same place, as well as keeping such items as small tables tucked into corners. Your blind friend will begin to remember where everything is located and navigation can be much easier for her.

2) Other Pets in the House: So that your blind friend knows where the other animals are, you can attach a bell to the collar of our sighted friends

3) Keep on a routine: Just like any pet it is always good to keep your dog on a bathroom schedule (if an indoor dog) to go outside for bathroom breaks, walks (Yes, walks!), and play time.

4) Food and water: Try to keep food and water bowls in the same area, with little movement. Believe it or not, your blind friend will begin to remember where it is when he/she is thirsty. Some stores sell a bubbling fountain for the water.

5) Stairs: It is a necessity to keep all stairs going down, closed off. A gate works great. Your dog is a very curious animal and their noses still work! A fall down the stairs would not be a good thing.

6) Toys: Invest in some squeaky toys that emit noise. While it might drive us, owners crazy at times, your dog will love it and make it easier for them to follow the toy while they play with it

7) Time Alone: Leaving the TV or radio on while you are gone, can be reassuring to the him especially during your initial weeks with him in the house.

8) Plants: We put plants near areas that our dog should afford. They will feel the plant leaves before they even get close and begin in a different direction. It works wonders around sharp corners of the wall or sides of bookshelves.

9) Outside Paths: Keeping different textured paths in your backyard will allow your dog to know and follow these paths to get to certain areas of your yard, for example, a path back to the door so they know where to come and be let back in the house, or a path of mulch to your trees in the backyard. Just like your house, your pet will learn to navigate the backyard with loads of confidence.

10) Loads of love and care for them!

I know there are tons of other ideas out there to make your blind friend a happier and safer dog. But these have worked for me and I hope they help you to embrace a blind animal into your life

Do you have any other tips for caring for a blind dog?

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