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White Cats : Turkish Angora and Turkish Van

Updated on December 11, 2015

Turkish Angora Cats, Turkish Van Cats

Turkish Angora cat originates from the area around Capital City Of Turkey; Ankara (formerly Angora), from which it derives its name.

It is believed that around 10th century Vikings brought these cats to Turkey and they are the first longhairs seen in Europe.

Lake Van, in Eastern Turkey, is the ancestral home of the white Vankedisi along with Turkish Van cats. These cats are also pure white, they like to swim, have different eye colors and some are deaf.

Want to hear more about those unique, lovely cats? Please read my article...

Angora cats


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Turkish Angora Cat

The Turkish Angora is a long-bodied, relatively fine-boned cat, small to medium in size. The head is a characteristic wedge shape, set off by large almond eyes and ears which should be as large, tall, and close together as possible. The coat is characteristically glossy, with a fine silken sheen. The tail is long, like the body, and is ideally a 'brush' tail -- the hairs are all one length, creating a fox-brush effect.


They usually are known by their pure white fur but currently there are more than twenty varieties including black, blue, and reddish fur. , the most priced ones have odd eyes (one blue the other green).

The Turkish Angora is a quick-witted, quick-moving, and sometimes quick-tempered cat. They are highly intelligent, and not above manipulating their owners to get what they want. A Turk can teach you to play fetch, to turn on the faucet when she wants a drink, or to child-proof all your cabinets (those narrow little paws can be amazingly agile).

The hallmark of the Turkish Angora is refined, athletic grace. Come home from work, and be greeted by a Turk leaping to your shoulders, purring (not a claw out of place, either).

Origin of Ankara Cats

Around 10th century Vikings brought the ancestors of this cat to Anatolia.

Did You Know?

The Turkish Angora is a quick-witted, quick-moving, and sometimes quick-tempered cat

Van Cats

Turkish Van cats are white, have silky fur, fox-like long fluffy tail, They have odd eyes. As they live in cold climate they have thick fur, their bodies are long and muscular, and the bones of a bigger structure.

They have a fondness for water. They like swimming unlike to many cats..

They have pink ears. Sometimes one or two black spots can be seen between the two ears of kittens. Deafness is a feature of this cat

Van cats are frequently confused with Angora cat's as they have odd eyes white fur. Van cats usually have a blue eye and an amber eye. Their fur is thicker than Angora cat. .

Cat-lovers have admired this beautiful breed for years, and even those who don't care much for cats can hardly keep from being touched by their beauty.

Sadly, there are not a lot of Van cats remaining. Their export from Turkey is prohibited, thus there are few abroad, and even within Turkey their numbers seem to be dwindling.

Advise for Turkish Angora cat owners

It is very important for Turkish Angora cat owners to be aware of the cat's temperament so as to be able to provide it with a healthy living environment. The Angora is a very playful and loving breed and is likely to make a lot of noise around the house. You can almost feel the cat converse with anyone willing to lend it an ear

The Turkish Van cat breed is an ancient and rare natural cat breed,

Is van Cat an ideal pet?

Van Cat is very inteligent and independent , Your Turkish Vanwill own you, rather than you owing it, They are not purry, lap cats,They are often described as being dog-like in behaviour, fetching paper balls and dropping them in front of you so that you can throw it again for them to chase,


5 stars for Cats

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