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Cat Combs with Rotating Teeth

Updated on January 11, 2015

Grooming Tools Gentle on Your Cat

You have a cat. Or two. Or more. Cats are the perfect pets, in my opinion, but their hair can take over the house! Cat combs with rotating teeth provide a gentle brushing that removes lots of loose hair.

Gentle cat combs are those that cats enjoy you using and that do a good job, keeping both of you happy.

Here's a photo of my medium-haired (not quite long-haired) cat. Her name is Scarlett O'Hairy, and in front of her is some loose hair after being combed. She loves The Untangler cat comb with rotating teeth. Awww. Feels so good.

Photo Credit: Peggy Hazelwood

The Untangler - Cat Comb with Rotating Teeth

This is the cat comb with rotating teeth that Scarlett O'Hairy uses! My cat loves to be brushed since I bought this comb several years ago.

The teeth rotate so the comb doesn't pull her hair. Since she is a medium-haired cat (close to being a long-haired cat), she tends to get clumps of hair and tangles. This comb goes right through them and removes lots of hair while it's at it.

Cat comb with hair.
Cat comb with hair.

Check Out the Cat Hair

That Comes Off the Comb

This cat comb with rotating teeth doesn't pull the cat's hair. This simple fact lets you can brush your cat longer.

This photo shows the cat hair with the teeth marks from the comb. It is really gentle and works great to remove loose hair and fur.

Photo Credit: Peggy Hazelwood

The Untangler 7-inch Comb - Deshedding tools

The only difference in the comb Scarlett uses and this one is the size. This one is bigger at 7 inches long. I think either one would work well for deshedding your critter!

What do you do with your cat hair?

Did you know you can compost it? You can!

Do you use a cat comb with rotating teeth? - Or a dog comb with rotating teeth!?

Loose hair and rotating teeth comb.
Loose hair and rotating teeth comb.

Do you use a cat comb with rotating teeth?

See results

Catnip: A Reward After Brushing

Scarlett loves catnip or treats after I brush her. In fact, now she expects to get them!

Bamboo Rotating Teeth Cat Comb

More Brushing = Fewer Hairballs

Consistent brushing will help eliminate

some of your cat's hairballs.

Just think about it.

You know they're going to groom themselves,

but if you remove a lot of the hair that your cat

would otherwise swallow,

they'll have less hair in their gut,

which equals fewer hairballs.

And anyone who has stepped on a cold, slimy hairball

with bare feet knows this is a good thing!

Slicker Brush - Smooth your cat's coat after a good combing

Either comb first or brush then comb. Either way, I've found that using both types of grooming tools helps loosen my cat's hair and gives ol' Scarlett a sleek, pretty coat.

There's More Than One Way to Brush a Cat

Here are more ways to groom your cat.

Find what you like to use that feels good for your cat

(like people, they're all different!)

and get some control of the cat hair in your house!

Another use for cat hair:

Cat Fur Crafts.

Crafting with Cat Hair - Yes, That's Right.

Yes, you can save your cat hair and craft with it! Cat fur can be felted or made into yarn to make all sorts of fun and totally unique items!

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Share your stories of cat combs and shedding brushes.

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    • Sher Ritchie profile image

      Sher Ritchie 5 years ago

      We adopted a litter of (stray) kittens about two years ago, and they loved being brushed - they thought it was a game! A cat comb with rotating teeth sounds like a great idea, I've featured your lens on mine: . Thanks for sharing.

    • aksem profile image

      aksem 5 years ago

      I have to Persian cats. The elder cat doesn't like to be brushed. So she looks like a whole clump of hair now. Maybe she waits for a rotating teeth cat comb.