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Cat Tales

Updated on April 17, 2015
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I was previously a writer on Squidoo 2008- folded. I write about entertainment, crafts, writing, beauty and anything else that inspires me

Every Cat (& other animals) has a story to tell.

My cat Sully, whether you believe me or not actually does 'talk'! We ask something & she answers. She'll let us know she wants a treat, or that (in the dark) are close by and meows to let us know.

Sully knows how to say NOW, and in highschool I had a black and white cat named Johnathan that would literally say 'Want out' (as we would let him & Tiffany on the porch or deck, if we went out) and would never let us forget it was dinner time.

Worth more than a 1000 words

Cat Painting ©KimMarie Ostrowski
Cat Painting ©KimMarie Ostrowski

If your pet could talk, what would they tell you?

Sully was rescued by Just Strays (a local rescue) from Sing Sing prison! YES, my cat is a convict. (laughs) We always joke about it; as a lot of times she'll sit in on one of the kitchen chairs, and look through the back of it as if she is in jail. She was actually part of a rehab program for the prisonsers, and Nicki (who used to run the) said the prisoners took good care of the cats. We think Sully was a kitchen cat, as she likes to 'help' when we're making salad; she steals a piece of lettuce or some other green food. She loves playing with the corn husks. I'm not sure why this is, but my theory is she's brushing her teeth. The reason the cats were rescues from the prison was because they were not fixed before the program so the cats kept reproducing & a mean guard was throwing them down the incinerator. Yes I know & I've volunteered to go to Hel to teach him a lesson, and have bestowed upon him the curse of feeling everything he did to those cats and kittens.)

This is one of my favorite pictures I've taken of Sully.

On the back of our old couch, between the two cat pillows my Aunt Mary made us years ago and under a painting that I remember from since I was little. The painting my parents got from Ridin' Hi 'Dude Ranch' before I was born in an auction for $40 however the guy didn't want to give it up for that little amount. I do sort of have my own story for it. It changes through the years but in short the painting is upstate and I have my own little weekend cabin in the woods (wooo chilling hopefully there's no Elevator & Hall of Horrors like the movie). I like sitting outside on the porch & looking at the mountains with Sully in my lap while I read, and if she goes off its not far. She just chases after butterflies or rolls around in the grass while I write my book or a poem. though you cannot see it in the painting I have a disappearing fence at a certain distance so that when she gets too far, she won't get out of my site, or into the woods. I also have kitty playground for her. Its like one of those cat trees and goes should height (on a base with wheels) and I can put it anywhere I want around the area of the porch. So I can do what I've previously mentioned or try painting.

The Shrimp Connoiseur

We usually give a shrimp or 2 to Sully as an Extra special treat.

Normally we give her the big ones, well we had found a package of the small salad style ones. When We gave it to her she just gave us a look, like what's wrong with you this isn't my usual shrimp! (Meanwhile it was cut into small pieces but she could still tell!)

Water Bowl

We have to have small cups (like from portable peanut butter) in our rooms in case Sully sees us with water, she then stares at you until you share

Sully Reads ©Kim  Marie Ostrowski
Sully Reads ©Kim Marie Ostrowski

Book Worms

Well Book cat

Look at me I read! My favorite stories are fantasy. I like reading about all the crazy creatures of the otherworlds. What I like even more, is laying on top of the open book so my mommy Kim has to pet me until I leave. I drive her nuts sometimes as it seems I only go visit her in her room when she's reading or writing. I try my best to stay out of the way, but sometimes I can't help being an annoying little sister being Kim has no siblings!

Kim is a good mommy. She plays with me, trims my claws when I need, brushes me, and always tries to make sure I have treats , also my cat grass. it helps with digestion and when she can find something picks up a new toy for me. Sometimes I even bring her presents! I will bring her one of my toys and leave it near her door, or inside her room; sometimes I even leave them on the bed.

I would like to tell you about when I was in the prison what I did , but even though mommy and her parents can understand me they don't understand enough of catease for them to translate the story.

Mommy tries her best to help all animals by donating a few dollars to Best Friends an animal sanctuary in Utah that rescues all kinds of animals not just domestic house pets. They've had & still do some Farm animals, wild animals like squirrels, hawks etc. They took care of some of those Michael Vick dogs, and others. They are starting to build another building with the medical unit within and trying to raise some more money.

As you see from the first picture on this page, I like looking outside. I'm surrounded by dogs in the surrounding houses it seems. Bailey is next door I can see her outside kim's window. I've sort of met her once. I wanted to get some frsh air and Kimmi brought me outside just on the porch & held me like she does. Bailey was in her pen and she saw me and as always barked. I thin kshe wanted to play as her owners next door don't seem to do anything with her, their young son doesn't even bother. Its so sad, mommy wishes she could at least walk the dog or go over and play with her when she's out but she feels funny to ask them if she could walk her or just play with her if she's in the pen. Anyway... There's Jamison downstairs (who does not like cats), and across the street there and to our right there's a dog named Buddy but Kimmi calls him crazy Dog because he's always running back & forth on their landing. The only cats I know of that are in any houses around us are the ones across the street at Jenna's. Kimmi tells me about them and othes in the neighborhood she sees. There's Blue which is a russian blue color and white trim with a stump for a tail (& kim calls it stumpy or at least did before she found out its real name) They also have a Black & White cat Named Vert, which Kim says is a very sweet cat. She said she wa petting it in their house and when she went to walk by it reached out as if it wanted to pet her! She finally got to see their other cat named Wolf it's a black long haired cat, which of course Kim liked because of the name & color.

There's other cats around the neighborhood, not sure how many but there's one at the corner of the street behind us mom calls the 'Crazy Cat lady' house because she always sees cats outside and there's a Black & White one she sometimes sees in the window that "has just the cutest, sweetest face' Blach.. I thought I was the cutest & sweetest ma?!

Grandpa taught me how to open the doors so I can get into the rooms when I want. I don't open door knobs, they don't have the handle ones) I just put my paw under so the door cracks a bit then i push with my head, sometimes I even knock.

I jump in the tub sometimes to play in the water not a full tub. someone usually just turns the water on really quick as i like to watch it sream down to the drain. Well the last time I did this Grandma turned on the water for me too much & I was near the drain & it came towards me & got me wet so I had to yell at her! MOOOOW

For now I think that's enough blabbing from me so I hope you like my new lens and that I haven't repeated anything

Food Dish

There's some foods like corn husks and lettuce Sully likes to play with, we even have to throw certain treats for her.

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    • profile image

      TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago

      I like lenses people make about their pets. I haven't made any yet, but may. I've had lots of pets over the years and currently have tortoises, a dog, and two cats.

    • profile image

      mockingbird999 5 years ago

      Sully's adorable.


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