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Cat Vet Near You

Updated on January 28, 2016

Is Your Cat Happy or Sick?

Now that you know where to get a cat, you need the cat care basics. As a Cat lover you understand the felines' basic rights like food, water and shelter but you fail to identify a cat vet near you or a pet doctor or even a pet hospital. Cat rights are basic irrespective of your cats' behavior and the level of love you have for it. There are some basic tools that you need to have to ensure that your cats' health is not compromised. All domestic animals are prone to health challenges and you need to avoid over the counter prescriptions as they might not work.

Before you take your can to the veterinarian near you, be your best pets' vet at home and be sensitive on your cats' trouble signs and symptoms below.

Cat Oral Health

A healthy cat is devoid of dental diseases; the first sign is usually bad breath, swollen gums, teeth tartar and loss of appetite. When you detect any of these signs, a visit to the cat vet near your will cost you less than when the symptoms are pronounced. Remember the mouth is the gateway to the cats’ digestive system.

Sick cat? Talk to your vet about these

Fatty Liver Cat

If your cat is not feeding well and becomes wild during mealtime for more that two days, this could be as a result of hepatic lipidosis. This is caused by too much fat accumulating around the liver due to its inability to process the fat on a timely basis. Fatty liver leads to vomiting, nausea and yellowing of the cat’s skin. Do not wait until this happens; consult your local vet for further diagnosis and treatment as this might lead to obesity.

Cat Kidney Failure

Since you are a pet keeper, keep an eye on the cats' urinating and drinking. Excess urinating as a result of high fluid intake could be as a result of a kidney disease. Kidney failure results in passing of less concentrate urine as the body lacks the ability to store water. There is not specific cure for cat's body lack of filtration ability but a cat vet near you will put it under special treatment and diet to keep it alive for a longer period.

On the contrary if your cat produces less or no urine compared to the past, a urinary track injury or infection which is caused by either crystals or bacteria. For your tomcat, this can cause blockages calling for emergency attention as compared to females. A vet near you will be able to put your cat under special diets which contain low magnesium and phosphorus.

Diabetes in Cats

Weight loss may occur irrespective of your cats’ high appetite which also results in high liquid intake. These could be signs of diabetes and a cat vet near you will be able to do a thorough urine analysis to determine glucose levels in the blood. This goes together with blood test to be sure of the actual blood glucose levels. Once this proves positive, your cat is put on a special diet to improve on the glucose metabolism or be put under insulin therapy.


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