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cats and dogs equally as smart

Updated on December 25, 2010

different styles of intelligence

I was reading an article on how dogs are smarter than cats. Was i offended? no. The issue was for the fact that dogs operate or function differently than cats. In reality this is the case which wasn't told. Both animals have a mentality level of a 7 or 8 year old human, they just use it differently. The case for dogs being smarter are for the fact that they listen and work together, well they are pack animals so that would make sense. They are also worker/servant animals. Cats on the other hand are individuals with their own way of doing things. Here's the falsehood of cats not being smart, if cats live by themselves in the woods, city streets or roaming from place to place and still live then by default they have to be smart as well. Reason is that cats would not survive to reproduce and there would be no cats in this planet. They learn by either instinct or experience. Dogs don't survive well on their own. I'll break down the differences and cats are held higher than dogs in many cultures for same reasons.

Cats actually were held higher than dogs and praised in ancient Egyptian, Greece, China, Japan and Arabic society. The advantage cats have over dogs is that cats are cleaner animals while dogs will play in the mud. Cats also kept ones house clean, they rid rats and mice, didn't go to the bathroom on the floor, were deemed good luck for the fact that they can take physical punishment and still survive (thus 9 lives), fight off evil spirits and always landed on their feet which amazed people. Another thing is that cats do things when they want to whether forced or not. But they are just as friendly and playful as dogs are.

Dogs are realistically seen as worker animals as a pet. They were liked by some because one can telling them what to do and would help a human out. Like hunting for game the dogs would bark to show where the game was or if killed lead the hunter to the prize. Some were used for herding  animals and help keeping livestock in order with the pack. The main thing a dog can do, not so much small dogs, is be used to protect property or a person or find things. They will also sacrifice themselves to serve and protect something. That's why dogs are used in various law enforcements.

So we know that both have their own uses and they are not smarter than the other. If both cats and dogs were to hypothetically get a education would they be as efficient as a human? possibly. 


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      Anna 5 years ago

      i agree