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Cats Are People Too

Updated on September 8, 2016
Jade the cat
Jade the cat

My cats, my friends

Just like people, each cat has a distinct personality and has no qualms at all about showing it fully.

And, each will bring me certain joy too.

Jade is the cat is this photo - see those jade green eyes !

He is the old grump as far as the other cats are concerned, but he leaves them alone as long as they ignore him.

He likes the people in the house, but he wants to be the only cat in the world.

He has no tolerance for the dogs either.

King and Gypsy
King and Gypsy

King and Gypsy

They are brothers and best friends too !

These two were my official greeters at my little gift shop.

July - 2009 - A pair of little wrens have made a nest and are raising babies right outside the window. King and Gypsy both want to sit by the window and watch them fly around and keep knocking my curtain down.

You should hear those tiny birds !

They see the cats in the window and they just chatter and holler because they don't realize the cats can't get to the nest through the window.

Once I fix the curtain again, they calm down.

I planted some of our organic tomato and pepper plants in pots by the door so I could pick a few very quickly if I liked.

The birds chatter away at me too when I go out of my front door to water my plants or get the mail... .

Funny little birds.

August, 2009 - Gypsy has Soooooooooo much fur and he sheds seemingly non-stop.

I wish I had an easy way to clean it, save it up and use it to make a hat or a rug.

Sadly, both are gone now. Sure wish cats lived longer. I miss them.


And the Oscar Goes to...

Well to me as he's my tuxedo and he is beautiful.

He is so sweet and very patient with his adopted brothers and sisters too. He ha it all, beauty and brains. He too is getting to be an old kitty. So many have come and gone and I miss them all.

Little Gray

Not the one from Grey's Anatomy. My Little Gray was here first.

She is a fuzz ball and so loving. Always has a twinkle in her eye too.

Hungry Monster

She could not get enough to eat as a baby kitten because her Momma had 5 kittens and was Tiny (her name and her size) and could not make enough milk.

These cats all lived outside at the time so we did not realize the problem right away.

She almost died and was in a semi-coma before were noticed how bad she was.

We had to doctor her back. My oldest spent 4 hours massaging and giving a special kitten formula to her. It was almost too late to save her.

The kitties got brand new collars and toys...

Some friends bought out a small pet store and have many of the items in a local gift shop pet stuff section and some online after their fur-babies and mine all got new gear first of course.

Need a collar or leash for your dog or cat or an outfit, or harness for your dog?

Find locally made and one-of-a-kind handmade cat toys with organic catnip inside and soap plus collars; leashes and so much more for your pets and some good books and videos about our feline (and other pets) friends too.

The Little Prince cat
The Little Prince cat

My oldest daughter's cats

these adorable cats think they are people :)

She just took 3 of the boys in to get their shots (Monday, March 30th) - they get "fixed" in 10 days.

She has 2 more boys that will be taken care of next.

Update April 9, 2010: All the boys have been "fixed" now except our newest one - The Little Prince who we got in the Fall of 2009 as he was abandoned.

Update : All of them have been "fixed" and have had their shots now.

Here he is in March, 2010.


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