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Cats Really Are Smarter Than They Let On - Thoughts On Training Cats

Updated on April 7, 2009

Cats versus dogs. This battle has raged on ever since cat and dog joined their human partners and masters. Even a movie has come out of all this.

This is my take. Our feline members really are smart, so smart that they are able to get away with only listening when they are so inclined. Think about it. You can call your cat all you want and only get an annoyed glare that you are disturbing their sleep. But, get a can and start opening it, and Fluffy will be sitting at attention in front of you before you can even blink!

Talk about brains! No need to teach them how to sit properly. They just know!

And as surprising as it sounds, agility is not just for dogs anymore. Cats are now participating in this mentally and physically challenging sport.

One thing though, you have to work hard to convince your cat that doing this agility thing is not some pointless activity. Dogs are much easier to convince of this.

Training really isn't that hard to do. It's much the same for both felines and canines. Although, cats need to be reasoned with moreso. They need a reason, and it has to be a good one, before they will do what is asked.

Food is usually a good motivator. My two cats have learned how to sit and give a high five for their favorite treat. They have also learned to make sure I have food in hand before they respond. They would actually respond without treats for a while. It didn't last long, unfortunately. But hey, they still perform when they see the very compelling reason of treats in front of them!


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