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Cat Trees: The Ultimate Furniture For Pampered Cats

Updated on September 11, 2013

Pamper Your Cat with great cat furniture

The most important pieces of cat furniture are cat trees, cat condos, window perches and scratching posts. And, they're a great way to pamper your cat -- you'll find everything here you need to know to buy the best. With facts about each with pictures and all purchase information and great prices.

I'll also cover how to repair or build your own cat trees. Cat trees and scratching posts are a must have for every cat. They provide a place for rest, but more importantly, they provide a place for exercise -- playing, climbing, stretching. They are also wonderful places for your cat to scratch, which exercises his paws, shoulders and arms and saves your furniture. Your cat will love to climb to the highest place to look down upon his domain as well.

BTW, the 7 foot cat tree in this photo we bought new in 1994 for about $100. It's a little worn but we definitely got our moneys worth. The 3 coveted positions are the triangle, the top and the very bottom.

3 Reasons Cats Scratch

Or Why Felix Shreads Your Furniture

Cats were deadly hunters before they were domesticated. Their claws helped them climb trees so they could pounce down on their prey. Even though the house cat doesn't need this capability now, they still sharpen their claws by scratching for 3 other reasons:

(1) Scratching keep their nails healthy by removing the outer part of the nails.

(2) Cats mark their territory, whether indoors or out. When they scratch, special scent glands in their paws leave a scent marking the spot as theirs.

(3) Scratching and stretching as they scratch works the kinks out and tones muscles much like stretching does for humans.

You cannot stop a cat from scratching, however, you can train them to use a scratching post (see section called: Teach Your Cat Where To Scratch) and provide them with a good scratching post (see section called: The Best Scratching Post For The Pampered Cat)

I wish I had a cat tree!

I wish I had a cat tree!
I wish I had a cat tree!

Carpet Vs. Sisal On Cat Trees

Which Is Better?

Most cat scratching posts and trees are covered with carpet or wrapped with sisal rope. But which is better?

Benefits Of Sisal And Carpet

Both are pretty durable and both condition your felines nails. Sisal is touted as being superior to carpet because carpet can snap nails. Also some people say that having the tree made of carpet encourages your cat(s) to scratch your other carpeted surfaces.

Give Them Both

I've found that having both sisal and carpet the way to go. Some of my cats prefer one over the other. And, I try to have the cat tree's carpet a different color to keep it separate in the minds of the cats. My cats get trained early and I keep on them (just like with kids) to make sure they do their scratching on the posts or trees NOT my furniture or carpets.

The picture at the left is the bottom of my 8 foot tree, which I've had for 15 years. The carpet came off the leg after 12 years and we wrapped it with sisal rope, which you can see is coming off -- however, that is probably because we did it ourselves and didn't really do a good job. But you can see carpet lasts a long, long time. Keep in mind as you look at this picture that we've had anywhere from 5 to 13 (with fosters) cats at one time using this tree over the 15 years.

How To Select The Best Cat Tree For Your Cat

The Things A Scratching Post Should Have

A good scratching post like a good cat tree will be one that your cat will constantly be on. They will use it for sleeping, playing, and scratching. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting one for your feline.

(1) It should be several inches taller than your cat stretched out fully standing on his hind legs. This gives him the best stretch and really exercises his body.

(2) It should be made of a carpet -- nothing longer than a very short shag -- or sisal rope. Better yet, have some of each. Your cat may prefer rope one day and the carpet the next.

(3) Ideally, the tree you choose has at least 1 level with a perch. Cats love to be high and look down. 2 or more will allow him to jump and climb keeping him entertained and exercised.

Extra Items to treat your cat:

(A) An enclosure of some type like a triangle or box. Cats love to be enclosed yet be able to see who's approaching them or get out quickly.

(B) A rope hanging down with a ball or toy attached him another item to play with and exercise.

(C) A very tall -- say 7 or 8 feet -- cat tree with a landing spot on top is a cat's favorite spot. It allows him to look down on his domain and no one can reach him thus he'll feel completely safe to cat nap.

Don't underestimate how much pleasure your cat will get from a cat tree. Oh, yeah, you'll want to keep your camera handy so you can take pictures when they do something fun.

32" Tall Ultimate Sisal Scratching Post - Sisal Scratching Post

This is one of our cats favorite scratching post. it is the shortest I recommend for a grown cat as they can extend themselves fully while scratching. It is made of durable sisal which is perfect for conditioning nails the cats nails. Sisal does not snag the cats nails as carpet does and does not encourages scratching on other carpeted surfaces. It has a very sturdy base too so there is no wobbling or tipping over.

20" WIDE Scratching Post - Wide and Long - Cats love them!

Lean-it Scratching Post Wide 20-Inch, Colors May Vary
Lean-it Scratching Post Wide 20-Inch, Colors May Vary
Here's a scratching post that is way wide which cats love and it also leans and cats seem to like that as well. It's is sturdy and will last a while. You can get them two widths: Regular and Wide and several different lengths. The Regular size comes in 19” and 25” lengths and Wide in lengths of 20”, 26” and 38”.

Other Places Cats Like To Sleep

Cats Can And Will Sleep Anywhere And Everywhere

(Bruce) Lee likes to get in drawers and sleep

(Commander) Kira likes to sleep in anything soft she can find like my husband's jacket

This kitten finds her mother's back the most comfortable place to sleep

Teach Your Cat Where To Scratch

Cat Trees Great For Scratching

You may think that rolling your cat up like this little guy will stop them from scratching your furniture but it won't last. Cats are clever and they'll find their way out of these devices. The best thing to keep cats from clawing your furniture and to buy them their own furniture.

Cat trees are a great way for your cats to exercise they paws and sharpen their nails. Train your cat when he's just a kitten that this is where she should scratch, not the couch. How do you do that?

1. As soon as you get your cat or cat tree, introduce your cat to it. Let her get explore it and get used to it.

2. After a short introductory time, if she has not started scratching on her own, take her paws and gently but firmly mimic scratching the tree (actually rubbing the tree with her paws). You'll probaby have to do this more many times. Kitten tend to learn fast, some don't even have to be shown, they just start reaching up and scratching on their own.

3. Whenever your cat scratches your sofa or someplace else you don't want her to scratch, say "no" as you pick her up, then carry her to the cat tree and take her paws and mimic the scratching again.

This sequence may have to be done many, many times. But it is worth it. It'll save your furniture and a cat tree is a safe and good spot for her to scratch.

SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber - Great Cat Tree For Small Spaces

SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber, 9 Inch (Pack of 1)
SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber, 9 Inch (Pack of 1)
This is a great space saving cat tree/climber. You can put it up against a wall or a closet door and you cat can climb to his heart's content. Works well in apartments or small rooms. The climber hangs on virtually any standard door. It has a spring-loaded bracket system so you can move it from room to room quickly and easily. It is made from durable wood and =sisal. Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 82 inches ; 10 pounds

Cat Tree: 57" Tall - Armarkat Cat Tree

Armarkat B5701 57-Inch Cat Tree, Ivory
Armarkat B5701 57-Inch Cat Tree, Ivory
Cats love this tree. It has plenty of room for climbing, exploring, exercising, scratching, or just watching the world go by. The tree is made from pressed wood and covered with ivory-colored faux fleece. Comes with easty-to-assemble instructions and includes all necessary tools. Holds up to 40 pounds. Product Dimensions: 28 x 25 x 57 inches ; 49 pounds

Cat Tree: 74" Tall With - Cat Tree, Beige

Cat Tree, Beige
Cat Tree, Beige
Wow. This tree is wonderful. It will keep your cat entertained for hours every single day!. It is made from attractive plywood and is covered with faux fur. It will look great any where you put it. Comes with easy assembly instructions and includes 2 ramps, and all necessary tools. Product Dimensions: 50 x 26 x 74 inches ; 65 pounds

I'm so tired. I'm just gonna sleep here.

I'm so tired. I'm just gonna sleep here.
I'm so tired. I'm just gonna sleep here.

Claw Pals California Kitty Condo (13"L X 13"W X 24"H; Assorted)

The Kitty Condo is made from only the finest of materials, including 100% natural sisal and stain resistant catnip treated carpet.The extra large platform and non-tip condo base are designed to give your cat more room to jump and sleep. The natural sisal gives your cat a place to scratch so that he can remove old claws and helps save your household furniture from ruin.This product comes in assorted colors. Unfortunately, color can not be specified when ordering online. Please let us choose one for you. Approx. $39

Claw Pals California Kitty Condo (13"L X 13"W X 24"H; Assorted)

Cat Condo: 2 Story Plush

A Place To Hide And A Place To Sit

Lazy Pet Plush 2-Story Cat Condo (20"H X 16"Diameter; Blue)

This plush cat condo is a snap to put together and sturdy materials keep it together. Offer your cat a variety of good things with this cat condo - a safe place to play, nap or hide and a sisal panel for scratching. Ideal for multiple pets too, your cats will love to chase each other in, out and all around their new condo. Approx. $69

Lazy Pet Plush 2-Story Cat Condo (20"H X 16"Diameter; Blue)

Cat condos on Amazon - Cat condos for cats who want privacy

Don't Forget To Spay Or Neuter Your Cat

You Cats Will Be Healthier And Happier

Having your cat spayed or neutered will stop the overpopulation and the killing of cats. Millions of cats are killed at shelters each year due to overpopulation. Keep in mind, if your cat has 4 kittens, even if you get homes for those kittens, 4 others are killed because they could not get homes.

This wonderful animation was created by David Booth of Cabin Fever Art. Check out his site to see all his wonderful cartoons and other goodies. He also provides the weekly cartoon for Are You Polar Bear Aware?

ASPCA's Low-Cost Program Link

How To Find One In Your Area

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter ProgramsASPCA has a special link for you to find low-cost spay/neuter programs in your community. Simply go to Low-Cost Spay Neuter Programs and enter in your zip code and you'll get a list of the programs in your area.

Dogs think they are human.

Cats think they are God.

Cat Napper Window Perch (15"L X 24"W; Brown)

It's cat paradise--a hammock and a perch in one. The Cat Napper can be adjusted to fit most any sill--which allows your curious cat to see both outside and inside. The warm, cozy hammock design molds instantly to your cat's shape for maximum comfort. And the Cat Napper can be moved from window to window. Fleece cover is removable and machine washable. Hold up to 35 lbs. Approx. $29

Cat Napper Window Perch (15"L X 24"W; Brown)

Lazy Pet Kitty Window Perch (12.5"L X 24"W X 9.5"H; Assorted; Window Perches)

Give your kitten the perfect perch for surveying her surroundings.Our Kitty Window Perch installs on your windowsill in minutes without tools.Features a sturdy platform, convoluted foam padding, and machine washable cover.Includes free teaser toy that attaches to window with suction cup.Offered in assorted colors. Unfortunately, colors cannot be specified for this perch when ordering online. Please allow us to select one for you. Approx $31.

Lazy Pet Kitty Window Perch (12.5"L X 24"W X 9.5"H; Assorted; Window Perches)

More great cat window seats - Keep them entertained watching the world

My, you're nice to cuddle with.

My, you're nice to cuddle with.
My, you're nice to cuddle with.

Potted Cats

Potted Cats
Potted Cats

How to build your own cat tree - And other projects for your pet

Black & Decker 24 Weekend Projects for Pets: Dog Houses, Cat Trees, Rabbit Hutches & More
Black & Decker 24 Weekend Projects for Pets: Dog Houses, Cat Trees, Rabbit Hutches & More
Great pet projects including building a cat tree and other goodies for your feline and canine family.

Dogs leap on your bed because they adore being with you. Cats do it because they adore your bed.

I'm too darn sleepy to eat!

I'm too darn sleepy to eat!
I'm too darn sleepy to eat!

Where to find the cheapest Cat Care products?

Find the best and cheapest pet care products here...

EntirelyPets has the best prices on cat care products I've even seen. I buy from them regularly. To check them out, simply click on the banner ad below...

Dogs come when you call. Cats take a message and get back to you later.

"Hey, this is even better than a bed."

"Hey, this is even better than a bed."
"Hey, this is even better than a bed."

What ball in the pocket?

What ball in the pocket?
What ball in the pocket?

Cats Just Wanna Have Fun

What Happens To Cats When Their Curiosity Gets The Best Of Them

If you like this site, you should see my cat site. To go there right now, click Cats Just Wanna Have Fun

Here's an example of what you'll see:

The Hip Hop Cat OR Puff Kitty


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