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Chinook Dog Breed

Updated on November 24, 2012

Chinook Dog Breed

Chinook Dog
Chinook Dog | Source

Breed Summary

Chinook dog breed is one of the rare shedding dog breeds that are classified as a sled dog that originated from the New England in US. The dog breed was bred in the early 20th century and has since acquired the status of the official dog in the state of New Hampshire.

Chinook Dogs History and Modern Use

As mentioned earlier these breed hails from New England and was bred to serve as a multipurpose dog. The dog breed is good for adventurous activities or activities that require some agility.

The dog does well in dog sports and is adaptable for family that has children. If you are looking for a breed that will fit into your adventurous lifestyle, compete in agility sports and still be good for your children, you should consider owning a Chinook dog although it’s one of the rare dog breeds!

Temperament of Chinook Dogs

General Temperament

This dog breed though rare fits as a perfect family dog. A family with a spacious house will find owing a Chinook dog breed to be the greatest pet ownership experience. The dog being an adventurous dog will not have to just stay in the house it may be necessary you involve the dog in some activities likeobedience training, rescues training and fly-ball training. The dog is a calm dog breed that will augur well with all the family members due to its friendly nature.

Towards other Dogs, Children and Strangers

Due to the history of Chinook dogs working in teamwork, they are not aggressive towards other dogs. They exhibit tolerance to other dog breeds and can therefore pet ideal pets for a family with children and other dogs.They are good with all children even those who they have not seen before.

They will however require enough space for them to play with children. They are not aggressive towards strangers and will do well with little supervision. They are not going to attack strangers or cats. They are simply well behaved dogs that will not embarrass you due to bad temperament. To sum up their temperament you can describe them as calm, social and good family dogs that are good for children.

General Breed Characteristics

Chinook dogs like all other sled dogs have a well developed muscular body. The head does not have wrinkled skin and is huge characterized by powerful muzzles and teeth like the mastiff dog breeds. The general body structure can be described as balanced muscular body type. The dog’s tail has guard hairs that should be black in color as the breed standard.

Weight of the Breed: This is a moderately large dog breed that weighs up to ninety pounds that is equivalent to about 40 Kg maximum weight

Height of the Breed: This dog breed has a weight of 25 – 27 inches depicting a large dog structure as the height is augmented by the muscular body to make a well balanced working dog.

Color of the Breed: United Kennel Club has stipulated the reddish gold color as the standard breed color for Chinook dog breed.The eyes should also have black marks in the inner corners accompanied by similarly colored marks in the muzzle and ears.

Eye color

The eyes should be brown in color or little shady in the brown color.

Lifespan of Chinook Dogs

The breed seems to have a long lifespan unlike other breeds since they generally have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

Chinook Dog Picture

Chinook Dog Picture
Chinook Dog Picture | Source

Training of Chinook Dogs

They are easy to train with all the available positive reinforcement methods. They will do well in pack training when they are introduced to the pack leader and shown that the pack leading dog is the leader. They can also be good for off leash training, they are obedient playful dogs very easy to train since they follow the pack leader. As the owner and or trainer you should exude confidence and firmness in your instructions for you to train this breed easily.

Health Conditions Related with the Breed

Chinook dogs may be predisposed to hip dysplasia, hormone related skin conditions, cryptochidism and spondylosis. Although this breed is predisposed to all these conditions, they may not necessarily get affected by any of these conditions considering they have a long lifespan. This should not deter you from owning a Chinook dog as you pet.

Shedding and Grooming

Grooming is not a challenge for this dog since they have a relatively thin coat. They are however amongst dogs that shed and may not be ideal for allergic kids. Although they shed they only shed in certain times of the year.

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Price of the Breed

The breed is fairly priced with the price ranging from $600 to $ 1500


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