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Collecting And Gifting Chicken Gifts

Updated on October 10, 2014

Gifts For The Chicken Lover

Are you looking for a chicken gift for yourself or someone else? Here you will find a page of ideas, cute, cuddly, useful and beautiful chicken related items for you to browse. Take a look at the fancy dress options as well which are a lot of fun!

I really like chickens. They have such great personalities. I also care very much about their welfare. I cannot keep chickens where I live but It is lovely to have some "chicken stuff" in the home.

Chicken gifts make fun and often practical Birthday or Christmas presents for that person who loves chickens and especially make cute Easter gifts.

Enjoy looking around.

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Cuddly Chickens :) - Oh so cute chickens

If you like a cute cuddly chicken or know someone who might take a look at this very sweet collection.

Chickens or hens are very popular to keep but that is not practical for everyone and they are a lot of work. However there is no reason why, if you like chickens, you cannot have a cuddly chicken toy or ornament or a practical gift.

There is nothing like a cute cuddly toy to make someone's day. Whether it is for a child or someone sick in hospital or just to say I love you a cuddly toy is generally always welcome.

If you know that special someone loves chickens then these may be a good choice .

Webkinz Chicken


White, Yellow and Red Webkinz Chicken

Webkinz Chicken

What a cute and delightful character! This chicken is just adorable...

In pure white with yellow beak and feet all topped off with his fetching red accent colours this chicken is just adorable.

Chicken Facts

The chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) is a domesticated fowl, a subspecies of the Red Junglefowl.

there are more chickens in the world than any other species of bird.

In America, Canada and Australia male chickens are called roosters.

Males under a year old are called cockerels.

Female Chickens over a year old are called hens.

Young females are called pullets.

Baby Chickens are of course chicks!

(Information read on Wikipedia)

Webkinz Rooster in Brown/Multi Colours

A Rooster

A rooster with character!

He looks very proud of himself in his gorgeous reds and browns and he is from the trusted Webkinz brand.

He would make a delightful present for anyone who loves Chickens!

What Do Hens Need To Be Happy ?

It really doesn't take much for a hen to be happy.

She just needs to be able to follow her instincts and have some space and freedom. Ideally this is for her to live in a free range way roaming but in safety, being able to do just what chickens like to do .





scratching with her feet




fresh air

Natural Chicken Behaviour

Here is an ex battery chicken enjoying her freedom at last and able to do her natural behaviours.

It is a joy to see any animal or bird able to just live their lives and do their natural behaviours in a good natural environment.

I love to hear her clucking :)

Fun And Funny Chicken Costumes ! - Brilliant for fancy dress!

Wonderful cute and fun costumes for adults and children alike- go on have fun with a chicken hat or go the whole way with a chicken costume!

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to wear to a come as you like fancy dress and you don't want to do the usual range of fancy dress costumes.

Equally if someone is having a fancy dress party around Easter time you may be requested to dress as a chicken or something related.

In fact it can be a fun theme if you are holding your own party around Easter time. It would be lots of fun to have people in chicken fancy dress hunting to for the hidden Easter eggs!

Kigurumi Chicken Adult Animal Pyjamas / Fancy Dress Costume

Chicken Fancy Dress

This is such a fun costume!

In mainly white with yellow and red accents it would get anyone in the mood to party !

It also looks a very comfortable costume as described as animal pyjamas-unlike some fancy dress!

Deluxe Stuffed Plush Chicken Rooster Hat Costume Party Cap

Wear a Chicken Hat

You may not want to go the whole outfit as a chicken but how about with a chicken hat!

This one is very playful and fun in bright colours.

I think it would look best with a plain red, yellow or red outfit to compliment all the colours in the hat.

You could have a lot of fun with this!

"Don't count your chickens before they are hatched"


Perfect cute chicken gifts.

Have fun at Easter or any time just to say you care with these lovely gifts. Whether you are looking for something cute and sweet or of a more grown up nature, but completely on a chicken theme of course!

Ty Hatcher - 14" Easter Chick

Cute Yellow Baby Chicken

Awww this little guy or gal is just too sweet for words !

Well this gorgeous little chick is just adorable! I love his or her fluffy yellow coat and cute cuddliness!

You really are on cute overload if you give this baby chick a loving home :)

Rikki KnightTM Easter Chicks Color Messenger Bag - Shoulder Bag


Messenger bag

If you love chickens or you are looking for a gift for someone who does, yet you do not want to go down the road of being too cute then maybe this more grown up messenger bag may suit.

The colours in this are lovely and fresh looking and I think would take you through many of the seasons. As it goes back to black in its borders it would go with many outfis as well as many of us have black shoes, coats etc.

It would make a great school bag if permitted or a more chilled out casual bag for the weekend.

Chicken Lifestyle

Chickens are omnivores. They can eat seeds, insects and even larger animals such as lizards or young mice.

Chickens may live for five to ten years, depending on the breed and quality of their living conditions.

The world's oldest chicken, a hen, died of heart failure at the age of 16 according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

(Information read on Wikipedia)

Chickens in the Garden Or In The Kitchen.

Unique chicken gifts for that person who loves something a bit out of the ordinary. These would of course suit the person who loves to be out in the garden or appreciates the garden, or the one who does most of the cooking. Either way if they like chickens they will probably enjoy these!

Hen With Chicks Rustic Metal Sculpture Figure

Chickens In The Garden!

While many of us would love to have chickens in the garden, the real life practicalities of looking after, housing and feeding chickens prove that you should not buy chickens on a whim.

However, maybe a group of lovely sculptures like this chicken and family of chicks can still look good in the garden without all the work !

Norpro Chicken Timer

Chickens In The Kitchen

A chicken gift for the chef in you life?

Or a practical gift for the one who has to do the cooking.

This timer will be very useful when creating in the kitchen be it baking ro the family meal and it adds a fun dimension as well !

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