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Cynosport World Games!

Updated on October 25, 2013

Information about the Cynosport World Games past, present and future!

October 23-27, 2013, Murfreesboro, Tennessee will be going to the dogs as the Cynosport World Games 2013 roll into town.

With agility, dock jumping and more, the country's elite canine athletes will again battle it out for the title of top dog in their sport. Want to know more? Read on....

What's it all about!

If you are a dog lover, you'll love Cynosport, where you can see the best of the best in the dog athlete world. Fast, furious and fun!

At this year games there was lots of dog agility, dock jumping, flyball, go to ground, canine musical freestyles, herding, rally-o, course-a-lure and loads more. And there were many exhibitors and vendors selling loads of really great stuff! And lots of demonstrations and exhibitions and opportunities to try many of the activities with your dog.

Here are the links to all the action that occurred:


Dock Jumping


Show Program

Schedule of Events

Ticket Info

Live Stream

See the links below for more information on the competitions. And visit the USDAA website for more information!

The road to Cynosport 2013!

2013 Regional Championships & Cynosport World Games:

February 22-24, Southwestern Regional, Gilbert, AZ

April 5-7, South Central Regional, Kerrville, TX

May 17-19, North Central Regional, Canton, MI

May/June TBA, Asian Regional, Japan

June 6-9, Southeastern Regional, Perry, GA

June 14-16, Mid-Atlantic Regional, Barto, PA

June 14-16, Rocky Mountain Regional, Farmington, UT

July 5-7, Northwestern Regional, Auburn, WA

July 12-14, New England Regional, North Kingstown, RI

August 16-18, Central Regional, Olathe, KS

August 16-18, Eastern Canada Regional, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

August 30-September 2, Western Regional, Prunedale, CA

September 14-16, Toluca, Mexico

2012 USDAA Cynosport® World Games Dog Agility Championships:

September 26-30 in Commerce City, Colorado

In the US and Canada, qualifying events for the 2013 tournament season began on September 7, 2012, and continues through September 6, 2013.

September 26-30, 2012, Commerce City, Colorado went to the dogs as the Cynosport World Games 2012 rolled into town.

All the info and results from Cynosport 2012!

Dog Agility Schedule:

Wednesday, September 26

USDAA® Dog Agility (multiple rings) - Results for:

Play it Again Grand Prix

Play it Again

Performance Grand Prix

Grand Prix Quarterfinals

Performance Grand Prix Quarterfinals

Steeplechase Quarterfinals

Thursday, September 27

Veteran's All Around Snooker

Performance Versatility Snooker

Team Snooker

Performance Speed Jumping Semifinal

Steeplechase Semifinals

Performance Grand Prix Semifinals

Team Overall

Performance Versatility Pairs Overall

Veterans Overall

Friday, September 28, 2012

Veterans Gamblers

Versatility Gamblers

Veterans Jumpers

Team Gamblers

Versatility Jumpers

Team Jumpers

Team Overall

Performance Versatility Pairs Overall

Veterans Overall

IFCS Jumping

IFCS World Cup Report

Performance Grand Prix

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Grand Prix Semifinals

Performance Versatility Standard

Veterans All Around Standard

IFCS Standard

IFCS World Cup Report

Championship Team Report

Performance Versatility Pairs Report

Veterans Report

Performance Speed Jumping Finals

Steeplechase Finals

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Performance Versatility Relay

Team Relay

Performance Versatility Pairs Report

Championship Team Report


USDAA on Facebook


2012 Performance Speed Jumping Champions


1. Megan Foster and Tommy

2. Darlene Paul and Winnie

3. Christine Rediker and Giddy-up


1. Joan Meyer and Neil

2. Karen Holik and Sizzle

3. Jennifer Crank and Kaboo


1. Stacy Peardot-Goudy and Wally

2. Cheryl Morris and Karma

3. Sonya Anderson and Jaxon


1. Paulena Renee Simpson and Graphite

2. Rachel Sanders and Stuie

3. Robert Yi and Cap

2012 Steeplechase Champions


1. Daneen Fox and Masher (Papillon)

2. Svetlana Tumanova and Tommy (Spitz)

3. Suzanne Birdsall and Flip (Parson Russell Terrier)


1. Jen Pinder and Taser (All-American)

2. Melanie Miller and Smitten (Border Collie)

3. Olga Druzhinina and Risk (Fox Terrier)


1. Gabrielle Blackburn and Zing!

2. Jennifer Martin and Bode

3. Kim Terrill and Steeple


1. Svetlana Tumanova and Skippy

2. Rosanne DeMascio and Strafe

3. Laura Jones and Kep

Dog Agility Masters Team Champions

1. Pure Adrenaline

Jen Pinder and Britain (Shetland Sheepdog)

Mary Ellen Barry and Maizy (Border Collie)

Kayl McCann and Funkee Monkey (All-Canadian)

2. Hijacked at the Border

Ivette White and Zip (Jack Russell Terrier)

Jeannette Hutchison and Rumble (Border Collie)

Mary Ellen Barry and E-Z (Border Collie)

3. Bam Will Ace It!

Naci Berkoz and Will (Border Collie)

Tracy Golden and Bam (Border Collie)

Kelsey Kirkpatrick and Ace (Border Collie)

Performance Versatility Pairs Champions

1. Believe It

Amber Abbott and Summer (Shetland Sheepdog)

Jubie Rueschenberg and Squeeky (Border Collie)

2. Ladies, Start Your Engines!

Rhonda Koeske and Tack (All-American)

Elizabeth Evans and Hemi (Pyrenean Shepherd)

3. F5 Disco

Kim James and Disco (Border Collie)

Paulena Renee Simpson (Border Collie)

IFCS Overall Winners


1. Andy Mueller and Crackers

2. Elena Medvedkova and Roxi

3. Svetlana Tumanova and Tommy


1. Jennifer Pinder and Britain

2. Jennifer Thomas and Rodeo

3. Olga Druzhinina and Risk


1. Jeannette Hutchison and Rumble

2. Mary Ellen Barry and Maizy

3. Dudley Fontaine and Sweet


1. Naci Berkoz and Will

2. Linda Mecklenburg and Wonder

3. Terry Smorch and Presto

2012 Grand Prix of Dog Agility Champions!


1. Andy Mueller and Crackers (Jack Russell Terrier)

2. Evgenia Grishina and Belka (Shetland Sheepdog mix)

3. Donna Nolan and Baxter (Jack Russell Terrier)


1. Jen Pinder and Britain (Shetland Sheepdog)

2. Jen Pinder and Taser (All-American)

3. Giuliana Lund and Zuri (Shetland Sheepdog)


1. Stuart Mah and Ares (Border Collie)

2. Mary Ellen Barry and Maizy (Border Collie)

3. Steve Moon and Slick (Border Collie)


1. Delaney Ratner and Kelso (Border Collie)

2. Terry Smorch and Presto (Border Collie)

3. Naoko Kurebayashi and Kirin (Border Collie)


Running Orders

Congratulations everyone!

USDAA live stream from Cynosport!

The past several years Cynosport has had live stream available for $15 for Tournament finals Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday; and VOD. Also available for Tuesday PM, Wednesday and Thursday 9-5 for one rings. .Check the Cynosport TV for more information on purchasing the VOD.

Watch here for info on the Livestream for 2012!

Watch some of the action from Cynosport 2012!

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