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Help Your Senior Miniature Dachshund Get Through Life

Updated on September 11, 2014

Senior citizens!

If you have a senior Dachshund dog, you almost certainly know about the back problems these majestic wiener dogs can have, especially later in life. The last thing a dog like this needs is to go up a staircase (although if there's food on the line, you can bet the little hot dog will try to go up the stairs!). The solution is startlingly simple: a dog ramp. Borrowing from the simplest of simple machines, the ramp helps the senior dog up to the higher ground quickly, efficiently, and - most of all- safely.

Specific ideal model

This style of ramp is ideal for Dachshunds and other small dogs (but really, especially miniature dachshunds) who may eventually develop back issues. Take care of these friends by giving them a little help when coming up a stair or two!

We have two miniature Dachshunds and have fostered numerous others, and we've learned a great deal about back issues in seniors. One thing that can be extremely taxing on a senior Dachshund's back is going up stairs, but you probably already know this (if not, here's a great place to check out: Back issues are going to be perhaps the main issue as your dog gets older, and it's so important to address these issues sooner rather than later. A little prevention can go a very, very long way toward preventing unnecessary suffering (and exorbitantly high vet bills, no doubt).

If you are looking for a bigger version of this, just search the same manufacturer for other options available. There are some higher end, larger models as well. Either way, investing in a ramp is a great idea for your senior Dachshund or mini-Dachshund.

If you're looking to adopt, please consider checking out the Dachshund Rescue of North America organization. DRNA is run by great people who really care about saving the lives of these tiny, hilarious friends, and they have an excellent reputation within the community. Save a life today and make a friend for life! I can't imagine life without our two little goofballs, and if you're a good person (and you almost definitely are if you're reading this), you deserve the warmth of a good friend too. :)

Dachshund foster "Poopert"


Best harness for a miniature Dachshund

We rescue miniature Dachshunds with the DRNA (Dachshund Rescue of North America) and other organizations, and as such, we've had a fair amount of experience with trying to figure out what harness works best with these wily little monsters. This harness passes the test in our household (which has seen more than a dozen different dogs in the last year). The reason doxies (Dachshunds) are so tough to accommodate with harnesses is due to their ultra-common back issues.

A lot of people will still use a leash-and-collar setup, but the problem with this is that it tends to cause doggy whiplash during quick stops and starts (and, let's fact it, folks- Dachshunds are notoriously strong willed). This harness distributes the pull of the leash to keep the vertebrae safe, and as you know, doxies have really long spines. Avoid IVDD issues by never walking your miniature (or standard) Dachshund with a leash and collar.

This particular harness also has some extra padding built in, so it doesn't dig into your dog's skin the way a cheaper model might.

If you're interested in adopting a doxie, please check out the aforementioned Dachshund Rescue of North America. These guys have developed a network of dog lovers who will locate dogs in need of rescue (often from "kill shelters"), find a foster home for them if necessary, and ultimately locate a great forever home. Dogs are frequently rescued from craigslist as well, where doxies can be given away to be used as bait dogs (really, people are disgusting). Get involved today!

The reward!

I am honored to have been involved with helping these guys have a great quality of life, especially in their senior years! Not only that, but I really, really get along well with senior Dachshunds. They're just as laid back as me 99% of the time (and I think you can guess what that 1% is - dinner time!), and they're genuinely happy to see me every time. I love these guys, and helping to do my part to save them by providing a temporary or permanent home for them is beyond rewarding. I hope you can experience this as well!


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