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Desert Animals

Updated on January 31, 2013

Warm Deserts - Animals

Many schools research Deserts as a Geography topic. This lens will be studying both hot deserts and polar deserts. This lens will include information and links to pictures, worksheets, useful sites and videos about deserts, suitable for children aged 7-11.

Link to Wikipedia Deserts Information

Definition of a Desert

Desert Definition from

A barren or desolate area, especially:

a. A dry, often sandy region of little rainfall, extreme temperatures, and sparse vegetation.

b. A region of permanent cold that is largely or entirely devoid of life.

c. An apparently lifeless area of water.

World Deserts - Maps

The largest 7 deserts of the world and their continents in order of size are

Antarctic Desert (Antarctica)

Sahara (Africa)

Arabian Desert (Middle East)

Gobi Desert (Asia)

Kalahari Desert (Africa)

Patagonian Desert (South America)

Great Victoria Desert (Australia)

Syrian Desert (Middle East)

Great Basin Desert (North America)

The worksheets below help children to locate the deserts of the world.

Desert Elephants Video

Planet Earth DVD

Planet Earth is quite simply the greatest nature/wildlife series ever produced. Following the similarly monumental achievement of The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, this astonishing 11-part BBC series is brilliantly narrated by Sir David Attenborough and sensibly organized so that each 50-minute episode covers a specific geographical region and/or wildlife habitat (mountains, caves, deserts, shallow seas, seasonal forests, etc.) until the entire planet has been magnificently represented by the most astonishing sights and sounds you'll ever experience from the comforts of home.

Planet Earth: The Complete Series [HD DVD]
Planet Earth: The Complete Series [HD DVD]

A truly amazing look at all habitats on Planet Earth. Fantastic photography. Each DVD is an education in itself.

The HD version is magnificent - but if you don't have HD, then the normal DVD is still amazing.


Desert insects, scorpions and snakes

Lizards, snakes and poisonous animals roaming the deserts of Australia

Desert Animals (short clip)

Desert Life from Animal Planet

Animals of the Desert

Desert Resources

The Living Desert 'zoo' video

How Camels are Adapted for the Desert Video

I love feedback to encourage me. Even if it is just a 'hi, I've been here!' type thing!


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    • Appollonia profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice lens. The Desert Elephant video was interesting.

    • efriedman profile image


      7 years ago

      Good lens!

      I like that you have included hot and cold (polar) deserts. I used to live near desert areas in Southwestern United States (Anza Borrego desert and Mohave desert in southern California Sonoran desert in Arizona and Chihuahuan desert in New Mexico). They are very interesting and very harsh places to live. .

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very cool list of desert animals!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      We read a story about camels with my 4 year old daughter yesterday, and it was very interesting for her, now I can tell her more!


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