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Designer Pet Beds

Updated on August 2, 2013

Designer Dog and Cat Beds- Luxury for your Pet

Your pet is your best friend, a loving member of your family, and is willing to give you unconditional love no matter what silly or stupid things you do. Naturally, you want to treat them with all the love that he shows to you, and one way to show that love is by giving them the perfect Pet Bed. Designer Pet Beds offer supreme comfort for your pet as well as style. They are built with better quality materials than a budget bed, so they will last as well as protect your dogs and cats joints better.

Why does your Dog need a Dog Bed?

Dogs spend a good portion of their day sleeping, Now if you were sleeping half of the day, would you want to do it on the cold hard floor? No? Well neither does your dog. Aside from being a comfort issue, a dogs bed is a matter of health as well. A comfortable, high quality dog bed will protect your pet from chronic pain caused by stiffening joints. The dog bed is also a place of sanctuary for your pet. It will become your dogs safe place when things are stressful in the house. It will also keep your dog off the furniture, and out of your bed.

Why does your Cat Need a Cat Bed?

If there is an animal that sleeps more than a dog...

Cats sleep up to 60% of their lives, so they just might spend more time in their comfy new bed than a dog will. Aside from the comfort factor there are several great reasons that your cat should have his or her own bed.

The first reason is to give your cat a sense of security. Cats like to know that they have a special place where they can go to sleep and relax without being disturbed.

Cat Beds also protect your cats health by giving them a warm place to lay, that is off the cold hard floor. Pet Beds also offer a soft place to lay that minimizes damage to their joints as they age.

As a bonus to you and your furniture, cat beds minimize shedding on your furniture. If your cat sleeps in his or her own bed, the majority of cat hair will be localized in one place for easy clean up.

How to choose the right bed for your dog

Recognizing Different Dogs Sleeping Needs

The first step in choosing the right bed for your dog is observing your dog. You will need to ask yourself a few questions about your dog and your dogs habits. How big is your dog? How does your dog like to sleep? Is your dog indoors or outdoors most of the day? Does your dog shed a lot, or have any skin conditions that would make cleaning the bed often a necessity?

The next step is measuring your dog. You will want to measure your dog when they are sleeping in a comfortable position. Take this measurement and add 5 to 6 inches to it, and that is the size of the bed you will want to look for.

Next you will want to choose the style of bed that is best for your dog:

-A cot style bed is great if your dog is outdoors. This style will keep your dog off the cold ground in cold weather and keep them cooler in hot weather.

-A bolster bed or round bed is great for dogs that like to snuggle. This will give them an area to snuggle up against to keep warm and also keeps them from feeling exposed while they sleep.

-An orthopedic bed, or a bed with orthopedic foam can be good for older dogs with stiff joints. However if you live in warmer climates, you may find your dog looking for a cooler place to sleep because the orthopedic foam retains more heat.

How to choose the right bed for your cat

Identifying your cats prefered sleeping arrangements

When choosing a cat bed there are a few questions you will want to ask yourself about your cat. The first question is the size of your cat, is your cat on the small or large size? Then you may need to choose a cat bed that is a little larger or a little smaller than standard.

How does your cat like to sleep? Most cats like to sleep curled up in a ball, but there are those few that like to sprawl out. If your cat is the type to sprawl out you may want to choose a pet bed that gives them a little room to stretch.

Where does your cat sleep now? Does your cat prefer to sleep at ground level? or higher up? If your cat usually finds a place high up to sleep, then you will want to choose a raised bed. Also a raised bed is a good choice if you have children, or other pets in the house that might disturb your cat while he or she is trying to rest.

Couch Style Designer Dog or Cat Bed

The Perfect Bed for your Sophisticated Cat or Dog

Scroll Soft Dog Bed

The Scroll Soft is a couch style bed made of foam. The sofa chair features a scroll chenille pattern in either green or berry. It is beautifully designed with a slipcover, cushion and back pillows that are all zippered and machine washable. The Dimensions for this couch style pet bed are: 29"W x 27"L x 15-1/2" H

Look how much fun your puppy can have in his new bed.

Donut Style Cat Bed

For cats with a lot of personality

Dutchie Pet Bed

The Dutchie's clean lines and overstuffed bolsters, combined with zippered covers for easy washing, make this a stylish and practical addition to the home. Faux lizard skin for easy clean up.

Available in:

Medium Interior measures 16"x12"x5" up to 35 lbs

Large Interior measures 22"x18"x6" up to 50 lbs

Extra Large Interior measures 27"x22"x7" up to 70 lbs

"In a perfect world,

every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog."


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