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Dog Training Online - Paws & Effect

Updated on June 12, 2011

No, this hub is not about teaching your dog to use the internet, although if you read below, I'm sure that is one of the many cool things offered in some of the dog training tools at the end of this hub.

WOOF WOOF GRR (Translate: "How dare you give me a name like FIFI?")
WOOF WOOF GRR (Translate: "How dare you give me a name like FIFI?")

12 Signs Your Dog Needs Training NOW

  1. It won't stop barking at visitors
  2. It won't stop biting visitors!
  3. It won't stop chewing your shoe
  4. It won't stop digging holes in the backyard
  5. It is aggressive toward people or other dogs
  6. It leaves "surprises" and marks its territory all over the place
  7. It always whines
  8. It is always depressed or anxious (poor thing)
  9. It is destructive
  10. It can't be walked without a harness
  11. It breaks the house rules
  12. It generally just won't listen to your instructions

Dog Training - Some Common Mistakes

  • Shouting at your dog into obeying your commands (they don't speak English, but they do understand your tone of voice and mood)
  • Inconsistency (don't change the lesson before they've mastered it, dogs need things to be predictable so they can associate events with outcomes - cause and effect)
  • Impatience (as above, don't give up and try to find a different approach with your dog if you're not seeing immediate first time results)
  • Ignoring bad behaviors, thinking your dog will grow out of it
  • Hitting your dog during the learning process (I mean really, what will that achieve?)

Spot Bakes a Cake
Spot Bakes a Cake

Disclaimer: Spot is not real. Most dogs cannot grip a wooden spoon like this and therefore this is not within the realms of current dog training methods.


Get Dog Obedience Training Online

Taking your "best friend" to a dog training school or other private dog training classes can be pretty expensive. There is nothing worse than spending money on repeated classes and seeing no immediate results (because results just don't happen immediately). You need to learn the secrets to becoming the Alpha Dog yourself.

Benefits of an Online Dog Training Course

  • You learn to teach your dog yourself, which helps you to bond further and gives you a greater sense of achievement. You become even prouder of your pet when commands are obeyed.
  • You can teach your dog at times that suit you.
  • All dogs, like humans, learn at different speeds. If you took your dog to a training school, you might have to pay for additional lessons just to catch up. This is money saved.
  • You can watch videos of successful and/or unsuccessful ways of training your dog. You could also observe the results in either method, helping you to gain better authority over your dog rather than the other way around.
  • It is much much cheaper than offline professional dog training.
  • As a matter of fact, dog training products or courses generally come back with a Money Back Guarantee, so if it doesn't work out, you've got no worries.

Question: Marco, do you know of any great Online Dog Training products?

Answer: Lassie what we've got here...

I'm only aware of one program that everyone in Australia has been raving about. It's called Secrets to Dog Training and over 200,000 people have used it to resolve their dog behavioral issues.

Based on that and the other testimonials it's had, I'd say... get it before your dog's behavior becomes your "pet peeve" (pun intended!) -

Dog Training Fail

I guess that course doesn't work - another reason in favor of Dog Training Online :)
I guess that course doesn't work - another reason in favor of Dog Training Online :)

Have You Successfully Trained Your Dog?

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    • marcofratelli profile image

      marcofratelli 8 years ago from Australia

      Thanks dohn121. Get a young dog cause it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks (as the saying goes). Mind you, it's hard to teach a young dog old tricks as well. :)

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      Good stuff, Marco. I don't have a dog yet, but with my luck, he'll probably be a pain in the butt and so we'll have to employ your services! Thanks for writing this well-informed hub!