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Dog Health Problem - Stop Continuous Licking

Updated on May 8, 2011

Dog Health Problem - Stop Continuous Licking

# 1 Parasites

Fleas, mites and ticks,are the most common cause of dog health problems causing continuous licking and the easiest to eliminate. The most common dog health problem, causing continuous licking is fleas, ticks and mites, and also the easiet to cure. If untreated, fleas can also cause anemia and tapeworms.

Today there are many different choices to protect our pets from fleas and ticks, yet veterinarians still see many dogs with health problems caused by fleas, on a daily basis. Spot treatments are the most common and seem to be the most effective way to control fleas, ticks and mites.

Avoid dog health problems, such as fleas and ticks, which cause irritation and continuous licking, by using spot treatments regularly or as directed by the manufacturer or your vet.

# 2 Canine Allergies

My Black Lab "Lady" suffered with dog health problems since rescuing her and bringing her home eleven years ago. After careful monitoring for many years, I have learned that allergies can be just as difficult to pinpoint in dogs as they are in humans. .

Allergies occur when the body's immune system is weakened, which can be caused by improper or insufficient nutrition. Feeding homemade dog food with added nutritional supplements or the top of the line organic dog food will help fortify you dog's immune system naturally. Giving a higher nutritional organic diet is what stopped my Lady's allergies altogether. Her immune system was fortified, and in turn the allergies completely disappeared, along with the continuous licking.

# 3 Dog Seasonal Allergens

If you notice your dog chewing and scratching more in the mornings after he/she comes in from outside, then it's possible he's/she's sensitive to pollen, mold, ragweed or other environmental factors, just as we are. Environmental allergens are usually treated with anti-inflammatories or other prescriptions from the vet. This is like us, when we need to take allergy medication in the spring. It is something that happens according to the seasons and your dog will not need to be on this regime year round.

# 4 Food Allergies

Chewing the feet can be an indicator of food allergies. Although food allergies are less common in dogs, they can become more severe. Either feeding an all natural organic premium dog food or using home made organic recipes is also a good idea. Organic food doesn't have a lot of fillers, cereals, and toxic preservatives and added fats, sugars, dyes, salts or unhealthy chemicals. A food based allergy may disappear altogether after completely and slowly switching over to a healthy organic diet, just because the unncecessary addidtives and preservatives have been eliminated.. Never introduce more than one new food at a time, so it can be easily determined if the food is causing the dog health problem of itching and continuous licking. . Food allergies can be caught through diligent attention to what your dog eats and the reaction to the food.


Switching to either a premium organic dog food or making your own home made dog food should be the first course of action when trying to determine the cause of dog health problems or continuous licking and scratching. When buying organic dog food look for a certification of over 70% organic, and of course the first ingredient is always meat. This is something that definitely will not harm your pet, and is the easiest and least expensive way to start figuring out what is causing the licking and allergies.

Remember, just because your dog doesn't do well on lamb doesn't mean that he won't do well on a chicken based food. I found that the premium organic foods for dog skin allergies eliminated completely my Lady's incessant problem. This had been ongoing for years, with medical treatments of prednisone, antihistamines, and costly vet bills for expensive allergy testing and after all that the diagnosis was inconclusive. The real key is to observe your dog's patterns over a period of time to figure out what causes dog health problems related to allergies and continuous licking and itching.

My main website Recipes 4 Gourmet Dogs features homemade dog food recipes, homemade treat recipes for dogs and general nutrition and overall health tips to promote a longer healthier life for your dog.

Reduce Dog Food Allergies

HERE is a list of some of the best dog foods for your dog if he is suffering from allergies due to the food he is eating. Sometimes switching to a special formula food, with minimal ingredients and eliminating uneccessary additions, fillers and chemicals is all is needed to relieve your dog's suffering.

Lovely Lady with her beautiful glossy fur and no more allergies!

Lady, Lola and Clyde eating their semi homemade food


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