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Updated on March 7, 2010


Here I am, now what?
Here I am, now what?

New Puppy


Introcing Buddy, this puppy is the beginning of a long healing process..  I had a beautiful german shepard who I had for 15 years. He died a couple of months ago back in June,  I was hurting so bad and missed him so much I was afraid to get another dog, but the house felt oddly empty.  Lupra was always there.  He was with me when I woke up, with me when I went for walks, with me when I had to do anything outside, all the time, even when I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and the night I woke up and had a massive stroke, it was my dog Lupra who guarded me when the paramedics came, and it was him when I came home from the hospital. He was normally happy to see me always bumping his nose under my hand, when I came home and could not walk steady he seemed to understand automatically. He would stand by my side ever so carefully and he didnt bump my hand like he normally does. He knew. How I miss my dog.  His memory is etched in my brain like a long running scar that I just cant seem to heal.  It will fade in time, but really in all of life, he was unabashadly my best friend for life.

I am older now, and I have a son who is above his years for his age.  I want him to have the same kind of relationship with an animal and know that feeling of unconditional love, besides from me, and always have someone to turn to.  I got him Buddy for his birthday.  Now it is going to be hard not to make the dog love me but I want chris to love him and him to love chris.

I am going to try to train Chris to train the puppy and hopefully Buddy will bring many years of happiness to his new owner.

It was hard to make the decision to get another dog, but my son is worth it and  I want him to know what it is like.

Welcome home Buddy.


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