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Favorite Cat Videos

Updated on July 7, 2015
My two cats - Katrina on the left and Tori on the right
My two cats - Katrina on the left and Tori on the right

It is estimated that 15% of current Internet traffic is cat related, with the bulk of it consisting of cat videos. That sounds believable to me. If you are having a bad day and feel depressed, just log on to your computer, go to YouTube, look at a few cat videos and have a few laughs. I'm not a psychiatrist, but that ought to help brighten your mood. Here are some of the funniest, cutest, oddest and most amazing cat videos on YouTube.

The photo shows my two cats, Katrina and Tori. I think they too would like to be YouTube stars. Unfortunately I never have a video camera around when they do their best stunts. Tori can really sky when she jumps trying to get moths.

Funny Cat Videos

There are a wide array of funny cat videos out there. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Cat Laser Bowling - Watch this cat chasing a laser light. One he decides to chase it, he really sprints after it at high speed.
  • Kitten Catches the Laundry - This one was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I love watching this cat jump. For a small kitten, he really jumps high.
  • Cat Attacking Printer - This cat really doesn't like printers. My cats are intrigued by the printer, but they have never attacked it. I worry about them sticking their paws in it while it is printing.

Cat attacking printer
Cat attacking printer | Source

Amazing Cat Videos

Here are some amazing cat videos. I didn't think cats could do what these cats do.

This cat knows how to open doors
This cat knows how to open doors | Source

Unique Cat Videos

These cat videos that are a little different, especially the first one.

  • Henri - Henri pretends to be a very deep-thinking, French speaking feline philosopher (The videos have subtitles in English). In reality he is an American cat named Henry. This French thing seems to be great for his marketing, though. He has a store and a book, plus he is on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Grumpy Cat - Grumpy Cat has become well known because of her appearance. In this video she's on Anderson Cooper's show. She doesn't really do much in his videos - She's become famous because of her grumpy look.
  • 6 Kitty Catnip Party - Watch how quickly one cat breaks up the party! One minute it's a happy party, then suddenly everybody is running for the exits. There is also a slow motion instant replay.

Henri, the feline philosopher, asks some very though provoking questions.
Henri, the feline philosopher, asks some very though provoking questions. | Source

Cute Cat Videos

Here are some videos that are cute. Most of these feature kittens, because there just isn't anything cuter than a kitten.

  • Kitten Massage Therapy - Here is one kitten giving another a massage. They look a lot like Tori and Katrina, but I've never seen them giving massages, although sometimes they will lick each other.
  • Cuteness Overload - Murken the dog has to be the world's most cat tolerant dog. His family has foster kittens, so there are numerous videos out there with different groups of kittens. No matter what the kitties do to him, he never seems to get upset.
  • Surprised Kitty - This kitten has a very odd reaction to being tickled.

Murken the dog tolerates kittens climbing on him
Murken the dog tolerates kittens climbing on him

Compilation Videos

Here are some compilation videos. These are are "All-Star" bits from other videos.

  • Funny Cats Compilation: This one is 14 minutes long, so get yourself a drink & get comfortable before you start watching. It has a lot of short clips - My favorite is the cat fighting a hair dryer around 4:10.
  • Funny Cats In Water Compilation 2014: Most cats don't like water, but some of these enjoy playing in or with water. I like the little black kitty that plays with the water coming out of the bathtub faucet. My cat Tori is fascinated by the stream of water when I pour it into my dog's water bowl.
  • Epic Funny Cats Jump Fail Compilation. Cats Jumping and Falling 2015: Here's some videos of cats attempting jumps. I like the second one, named Rocky that jumps off a telephone pole and flies through the air.. On most of them, the attempted jump is shown again in slow motion. Some of the failures are due to the cats trying to jump from a slick surface.

Kitty playing with water from bathtub faucet
Kitty playing with water from bathtub faucet


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    • oldiesmusic profile image

      oldiesmusic 4 years ago from United States

      The cat catching the laundry is funny... At least there's a cat willing to put all your dirty clothes in the basket!

      BTW, Grumpy Cat is a "she" ;)