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How To Get Rid Of Fin Rot On Fish?

Updated on March 9, 2014

The best treatment against the fin rot disease is the prevention.

This is accomplished just by offering the necessary conditions to ensure that the fish are well, that is to say to take care of the water (temperature, pH and hardness suitable to the specie), avoid the excess of organic matter (frequent changes of water), good and varied food, avoid decorations that may damage the fish, care in the introduction of new fish (quarantine period).

Taking these precautions, the possibility that a disease affects the fish decreases.

However, if the fin rot disease has affected the population of the aquarium, it is because the immune defenses of the fish are low. This occurs when the fish are stressed or some other disease are affecting them.

Firstly it should be identified if the disease occurs as a secondary infection due to another disease (such as the white spot or velvet) or if it's just a bacterial infection that can be treated with antibiotics.

Fin Rot Disease Treatment
Fin Rot Disease Treatment

In all disease caused by bacteria, the treatment begins with a change of as much water as possible (having the due caution of making it with water at the proper temperature in order to not lowering abruptly the temperature of the water of the aquarium and cause more stress to the fish).

Then try to eliminate as much bacteria as possible with medication. It is considered that the most effective therapy is the one that uses antibiotics. If the antibiotic is so strong that it can harm the beneficial baceria, the treatment will be administered in an infirmary tank.

The dose depends on the pathology to treat and the advanced stage of the disease. The treatment should not continue for more than ten days, in general five days it is enough. A prolonged treatment can produce toxic renal reactions and anemia.

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If after ten days there is no cure, it can be considered that the drug is not effective and the treatment will be suspended.

If the treatment has been successful, it is important that once concluded the water of the aquarium is changed completely.

The antibiotics to treat the fin rot disease can be commercial, or homemade alternatives. A homemade option can be to use an antibiotic as the Oxytetracycline with blue of methylene.

When using antibiotics it should be kept in mind the minimum and maximum doses. If a dose less than the minimum is applied there will not be any effect, and if a dose greater than recommended is applied will put on in risk the life of the fish.


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