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Stressed Out? Try Buying an Aquarium

Updated on July 7, 2009

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You probably lead a hectic life, filled with work and family obligations. The house needs attention and maintenance, plus you somehow need to fit in time for exercise and personal development. Sometimes it can feel like you have a week’s worth of work to cram into a single day. No wonder most people are stressed! A great way to mitigate your stress level is to invest in a home aquarium and some tropical fish. No kidding. Regular aquarium watchers are said to have decreased levels of stress after periods of just relaxing and watching the fish swim. Do you ever wonder why there is always an aquarium outside the doctor’s office? It’s because aquarium-watching is proven to lower stress levels and decrease anxiety. It calms children and adults alike. Other benefits of aquarium-watching include lowered blood pressure levels and even less trouble sleeping at night.

There’s something irresistible about a fish tank filled with colorful tropical fish. It’s really soothing to watch the smooth, flowing motions of the fish gliding through the water and listen to the soft bubbling of the filter. In fact, researchers have even suggested a link between aquarium-watching and hypnotic trance. (Hypnosis is also proven to be beneficial to mental and physical well being.) Resting for a spell and observing fish in an aquarium makes you feel in a better mood, more positive, and more patient.

Though any type of fish have been shown to demonstrate a benefit in an aquarium, adding tropical fish to your aquarium adds a little exotic flare to your tank. Tropical fish are usually brightly colored and visually interesting to look at. When you invest in fish for your home aquarium, make sure to seek the advice of a professional. Obviously you can’t mix freshwater and saltwater fish, but even fish that go in the same kind of water should never be placed together in the same tank. Make sure that you know a lot about caring for the specific type of fish that you place in your aquarium, because different kinds of fish require very different things in terms of feeding and so on. The most colorful and bright fish are usually salt water fish.

Aquariums are relatively easy to keep and maintain at home, with a little bit of effort on your part. You should regularly check that all electrical parts of the aquarium are functioning properly, that the water is clean, that fish are getting decently fed, and that the temperature and pH are at acceptable levels for your particular fish. Most aquarium keepers want to install a light above their aquarium to facilitate watching their fish. A light is not necessary to the well being of your fish, but if you are investing in the aquarium for the healthy benefits of aquarium watching then it is necessary for you to buy a light. Invest in a good light so that you’ll be able to enjoy watching your beautiful fish as they dart around their new home.

You’re guaranteed to enjoy them and to feel relaxed after watching them, even for a few minutes a day. Make an effort to fit this into your daily routine, no matter how hectic it is. Watching for a few minutes before bed could even help you sleep better so you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world in the morning.


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