Silver Back Gorilla vs. Siberian Tiger: And The Winner Is?

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    lesliebyarsposted 4 years ago

    This is truly a toss up. The tiger can grow to 700 pounds and reach 11 feet in length. One claw to the neck of the Gorilla or a bite to the face o neck solidly would end the fight. Having said that the Gorilla is stronger and can bite almost as hard as the tiger. Also, the Ape can squeeze it's prey or punch it like a human. Not to mention it can grab weapons because it has thumbs. Anyone who saw the Animal Planet opinion that a Gorilla would crush a Leopard with one punch that would kill it instantly.

  2. richardbrown81 profile image89
    richardbrown81posted 4 years ago

    gorilla hands down.  gorilla's have phenomenal strength, are extremely intelligent, and live in groups.