Hello, I am sarita mohanty from India. I have kept so many cats in our home. Sin

  1. profile image42
    sarita mohantyposted 8 years ago

    Hello, I am sarita mohanty from India. I have kept so many cats in our home. Since friday morning I

    Since friday morning I am not finding one of my cats. I cann't remember his exact age. He is about 2 years old. He usually go outside during night and returns the next morning. He also goes outside during the daytime. I had last seen him on thursday nitht. But since friday morning I am not finding him. Where is he? Is he allright? Will he return? I am waiting for him. Where is he. He is a black cat with some white portions on its face, under throat and lower belly. My DOB is 21 june 1973. I have no photograph of him. I had not named him before. But for last some days I have named him Kalu.

  2. marijanareynders profile image55
    marijanareyndersposted 8 years ago

    I hope you have found your cat by now.  Cats sometimes do take a break, wandering off to explore new things.  It is not uncommon for them to stay away for two or three days.  However, it might not be out of choice ... they are sometimes held hostage by other cats refusing them permission to return home, blocking all exists where it might be hiding.  Or it could be locked in someone's shed or garage or any place safe where it could have been hiding.  I have always lived with many cats (18 as a child in my parents house and then my own 17 cats when I moved into my own house with my own children).  I now only have four cats (having moved to Australia) and the odd occasions that one of our cats did not return at night, was when he was locked up in our neighbor's shed or when wild cats in the area kept him hiding out in the bush.  If you keep on calling your cat, at least allowing them to hear your voice, he might be comforted and will come home the moment he can.  Cats usually do not roam further away than about 2 houses in all directions (city or town life) or out in the Australian bush where we live on a small acreage, they will not be much further away than our own outer buildings, our little hill, or perhaps the neighbors.  I presume your cats are all neutered (if not, males especially WILL always roam).  And micro-chipping the cats might help whoever finds your cat, tracing your address.  I have a cat trap door, but only for incoming traffic. I control the exit of my cats from the house, and they have a strict curfew - and are never allowed out at night.  I care deeply for all life (wildlife) and if I cannot keep an eye on my cats (especially when it is dark) they stay indoors.  They never attack wildlife, and life in harmony with the birds and insects, but hey, who is taking chances.  They - and us - have all adapted to this cat curfewed lifestyle, which in typical cat fashion, are argued against endlessly.  Good luck with your kitties.  Marijana Reynders (Australia)


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