Heeey, My cockatoo keeps bitting at random times? Whyy

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    Brittaanyposted 8 years ago

    Heeey, My cockatoo keeps bitting at random times? Whyy

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    patriciarose7posted 8 years ago

    Hope this link below helps you on why birds bite....


    I have a cockatiel and she's the best cause she hasn't bitten me at all. I guess the owners who had her were very good trainers or it's just in her nature.

    Before though, I had some cockatiels that did bite and broke the skin. They have attitudes and feelings to in my opinion. Every bird is different with each individual.

    Good luck on understanding your pet. These guys, the cockatoos are quite the characters as I have seen them online on YouTube and they are funny.

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    Animalandingposted 8 years ago

    Hi there, cockatoos on occasion will nip at you if they feel they don't have enough attention. Cockatoos need extra attention because they are like people almost. They crave the love we give them and if they feel they are not receiving enough then they will nip. Hope that helps.