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Indoor Cat Or Outdoor Cat - Which Is Best?

  1. frogdropping profile image84
    frogdroppingposted 8 years ago

    Indoor Cat Or Outdoor Cat - Which Is Best?

  2. laurahub profile image55
    laurahubposted 8 years ago

    I have both an indoor and an outdoor cat.  The outdoor cat does come inside at times, when the weather is foul, so having a great litter box solution is needed.  smile

    I think animals should be free, although, city environments do not allow for that if the cat is to be safe.

    thanks for dropping by.


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    jillbill1212posted 8 years ago

    Honestly, Indoor. would you like if your parents kept you outdoors? although you probably loved outside would you really want to LIVE there? (not to be rude) but indoors are much more loving and affectionate. Also for them to be outdoor theirs a greater risk of something killing them or harming them, them getting hit by a car, or a stray dog jumping your fence and depending where you live, a dangerous wild animal as well. Plus if there declawed
    (which I'm against but i wont preach to you wink and there outside they cant defend themselves against other cats and they might end up developing security problems which can cause cats to be vicious. and alot of cats are homeless because owners choose to leave them outside and cant understand why they turn so vicious so they just let them go. Ive had many cats over the years and one declawed (not to my knowledge however) and the declawed ones really do end up more aggressive. they use their teeth instead of their claws and TRUST me, their teeth hurt A LOT more than their claws. anyways (I'm getting off topic, sorry) indoors is better. there are many benefits of indoors, plus a big one is , outdoor cats will and can get FLEAS (once again from experience) then when the weather is bad they'll come inside and spread the fleas to you and your other animals.and yes you will feel the fleas and they do bite humans too, and some carry diseases form outside so when they bite you and give you a disease i can imagine you wont be too happy. If your a generous cat owner and you really want the cat to have a nice outdoor/indoor life but mainly indoor then try this place cagesbydesign.com  they have very nice solutions for a outdoor play area.

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    consentinoposted 5 years ago

    I don't really think it is a case of which is best, I personally feel and indoor cat is safer.  There are so many animals and other things out there that can hurt your feline or even kill it.  Sure, cats do love to be outside, but, you as its owner, needs to do what is best for him.  There are cat condos and cat trees that are available for indoor pets.  Check them out on line.  They are a great way to entertain your feline, especially when you will be gone for several hours.