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what am i doing wrong on potty training my puppy HELP!!

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    disel10posted 7 years ago

    what am i doing wrong on potty training my puppy HELP!!

    Whats the best way to train a puppy?

  2. Guy Knows It profile image79
    Guy Knows Itposted 7 years ago

    The easiest way I have found to house train pups is "crate training."  The pup is confined to his crate when he cannot be watched every second.  Every time he is removed from the crate and each time he is fed, the pup is taken to the area where he can do his deed.  After 10 minutes or so, if he has not went, place him back in the crate for another hour or so.  Pups must be taken out every couple of hours or they will soil their crate.  After they reach 8 - 10 weeks of age they will begin to gain enough control to hold it a little longer and their control will increase with age.  Sooner or later the pup will stop soiling his crate knowing that you will come and let him out to relieve himself.  There are many books with better details on crate training and I have found the method to be the easiest and least stressful on you and your pup.

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    RunnerJane33posted 7 years ago

    Guy Knows It nailed it! I used the "crate method" on my puppy and his potty training went very well.

    Do not be suckered in by those training pads. Those will teach your puppy that it is ok to go indoors, the dog will not understand when it is older that it must go outside.

    Your puppy looks to your for guidance and wants you to teach it what to do, just like its mother did. Start young and be clear and consistent.

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    maipeloposted 7 years ago

    puppies are such hectic clients, i have tried evrything i can but its not working and i cannot be home always to take her out......you not alone in this error

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    Samalander99posted 7 years ago

    Make sure that if your puppy goes inside to clean it up A.S.A.P. Then it wont smell like the place to go. Make sure you clean it up with something that smells fresh. Also let your puppy out every few hours. When your puppy does go potty outside reward it with a treat so it knows good things happen when it goes potty outside. When your not going to be there for a while give it ice instead of water so it gets water but slower. Also give it a toy to distract it.