my dog is in pain and keeps being sick

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    tjudgeposted 7 years ago

    my dog is in pain and keeps being sick

    my dog is 3 and at least 3 times aweek hes sick but he also cries before he is sick he can be sick 3 times a night i took him the vets hes tried a chicken and rice i thought he had earache so ive had them done the vet found nothin can you help thank you teresa

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    tinamarie9884posted 7 years ago

    Take your pet to another vet. get a second opinion, do not forget to ask for blood work, that alone will tell a vet alot. Make sure you tell them all the symptoms of your pet. Try for some Pet Insurance, here is one # 1-866-710-7387. GOOD LUCK!!! I do hope everything turns out well for you.

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    estherdanielsposted 7 years ago

    hi you dog might no the wrong food try a differnt meal also when your dog is on the floor on his side massage his belly slowly going clock ways you can also give him a very small pice of toobact goldveager you up it at the back of his mouth and that kills any gut bacter you know to get him to drink water if you hear him being  to be sick take the water to him and let him take it from your hand as he lower you hand in to the water bowl he should follow your hand and drink for himself i really hope he get better.