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theres 4 baby birds that fell out of their nest and i dont know what to do

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    wolfcub3000posted 7 years ago

    theres 4 baby birds that fell out of their nest and i dont know what to do

  2. Gonindunit profile image57
    Gonindunitposted 7 years ago

    How large are they? You will have to judge the situation, but if they have landed in a safe area, the mother bird will continue to feed them. Of course, if they are in an area where a cat might find them, you might want to consider taking them in and feeding them. Bugs,worms, that sort of thing. But fresh because they need the liquids.

    If you're unsure, then the best thing to do is call a vet or a humane society near you.  I drove a baby pigeon 15 miles through traffic to the animal shelter I had called. They took him in.

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    wychicposted 7 years ago

    Pick them up and put them back in the nest. Unlike other wild animals, birds will not reject their young because they have strange smells on them and the mother bird will continue to care for them. If the nest fell with the babies, then place it up as far as you can in a secure place and put the babies back in it and the mother will find it.

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    BIRDLADY48posted 7 years ago

    If you must feed them you can go to the pet store and ask for the formula that is for hand feeding baby birds.  It is very to use and comes in a powder and all you need to do is mix it with warm water. Be sure to use an eye dropper or small syringe to feed with. Put them in a small container with a heating pad (on low)  in one half with a towel over it.  This will keep them warm.  If the they get to warm they will move to the other half of the contain to dool down.  I have raised 4 love birds this way.  Their eyes were not opened nor did they have feathers yet.  It is a very rewarding experience (lots of work).