I started my dog on Blue Wilderness last Tuesday and mixed it in with his Nutra

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    Patty Ruaneposted 7 years ago

    I started my dog on Blue Wilderness last Tuesday and mixed it in with his Nutra food.  Friday...

    night he had a severe allergic reaction to something.  He had raised hives or bumps all over his back. I washed off his fur with a warm washrag several times to remove any possible surface allergens and had some benedryl spray from my vet that I sprayed on the spots.  Before this treatment my schnauzer was beside himself in misery.  This morning he awoke bump free.  I fed him the Blue food straight this morning.  At around noon he started to break out in bumps again but not as severe.  We did take a long walk just prior to his breakout again.  Are there any know allergies with Blue Wilderness?

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    akirchnerposted 7 years ago

    Hey Patty - I think I'd just not take a chance and give it to him again because the next time the reaction could be really severe like in swollen airway and not being able to breathe. 

    What does your vet say? 

    I've seen Blue Wilderness and know it is a quality dog food.  We have a dog with a super sensitive stomach (a malamute) and had to switch him to another natural food - I think it's called Taste of the Wild I think it is and it is bison or venison with sweet potato which is supposed to be good for dogs with allergies.

    Good heavens that is frightening - hope the dog (and you are okay!) 

    It sounds to my untrained 'eye' like a food reaction and not an environmental one - but ya never know these days.  There are so many weird things out there and our pets definitely need our protection!!

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    Critical Thinker1posted 5 years ago

    I think akirchner made a good point about not risking giving the food to your dog again. I also have dog who is has skin and stomach sensitivities and veterinary food has worked well for him . The good news about those foods is that your vet knows what the ingredients, has worked with the food before and its been throughly tested by the manufacturer and vets. It may help you and your vet find out what specifically in Blue Wilderness food is causing such a severe reaction so you can avoid that ingredient in whatever food you choose to give him/her. Your vet may have some better suggestions about the specific needs of your dog. Good luck. I hope you pup is OK!