Well I did it! MY Sugar (16 yrs) is throwing up small puddles of white stuff- u

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    azdoug85014posted 7 years ago

    Well I did it!  MY Sugar (16 yrs) is throwing up small puddles of white stuff- unusual for her....

    Sugar is having her usual trouble defecating- she is a walk and drop style-but I noticed her belly is poochy. I wrapped my hands around her and got scared. Her whole undercarriage is firm and bloated. I got some rawhide bones a week ago as a reward for helping a friend move. Stupid human!  I have tried massage and enema just now. I relieved the firmness,got all the water back, but no stool. Sugar is no longer pacing but I know it ain't done yet. My credit card will absorb the hit if surgery is called for. I had high hopes for the enema, but the blockage is too far from the back end I guess. An

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    quester.ltdposted 6 years ago

    The rawhide bones are trouble for nearly ever dog. I banned them from the house. At one time we had eight Sharpeis with the wolf - so it was a house hold. The only one who never had trouble with the rawhide was the wolf.

    Surgery is generally the only thing you can do. the rawhide remains in tact - one piece - so an enema will not work -

    I hope your Sugar is all right.

    my prayers are with her