I need recommendations of quality dog food for chronic renal failure in my Foxho

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    blackpawdrposted 7 years ago

    I need recommendations of quality dog food for chronic renal failure in my Foxhound.

    My dog was recently diagnosed with chronic renal failure and has gone from 50 to 41 lbs with his ribs showing and doesn't want to eat the prescription food (hills) the vet sold to me.  I ordered NuVet Plus supplement and need to find a quality food for him as this Hills stuff is crap.  Would you please recommend a few food choices that are highly rated and would fit his condition.  Thank you very much in advance.

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    lollieluluposted 7 years ago

    Hello my dog was just diagnosed also.  Although my dog has already been on K/D prescription diet.  That is what the vet recommended.  My dog has basically not eaten for a week.  I have had to syringe feed her, until yesterday she is a different dog and wants everything.  I don't really have an answer about food but I got baby food(no onions) get the meat stuff and she ate it up.  Then the next day I mixed the baby food with the K/D and she ate that up.

    I have been giving her fluids SubQ's which is important.  I also ordered some vitamins.  Baby food is not good long term because it is high in phosphorus but it was a start to get my dog to eat, along with the fluids.  I've joined a group called K9kidneys on yahoo and it has been great with advice.

    I am still learning but I think that a prepared diet is the best.  I am just learning but human foods low in protein and phosperous are the best.  Good luck and my heart is with you and I know what you are going through.