Hi Sfionn, do you know how to treat sick terrapin with eyes closed all the times

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    amoseahposted 6 years ago

    Hi Sfionn, do you know how to treat sick terrapin with eyes closed all the times.

    My nephew bought a terrapin a few months ago.At first it was alright, alive and active but after some time it closed its eyes and never open them.It really saddens me that the little creature fell ill as I myself was a terrapin lover since young.My nephew mum bought anti rotting solution from the shop that she purchased the terrapin.It has been a few weeks since that so called medication was applied daily but until now there is no improvement.Do you know how to cure it ? Thanks for your kind attention.

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    Sfionnposted 6 years ago

    Hi, I can only speculate the causes:
    1. Not enough sunlight
    They need enough heat for the digestive and immune systems to function properly.

    2. Chlorine in the water? (I give my two terrapins 8 inches of water to swim in and make sure it's chlorine-treated, although many people have said it's not necessary.)

    3. Inadequate nutrients from their food that results in eye infection.
    Check if the eyes are swollen which points to an eye infection. If terrapins can't see, they won't eat, and then starve to death.

    I suggest you try to treat all of the above by providing it enough heat (put at the balcony etc but don't let it bake!). At the same time, add some tonic solution to the water. This seemed to be the main thing that saved my two terrapins then. I bought it from the pet store for only S$10 and it lasted a long time. Also, get the little guy a bottle of eye drops. I still use this for my terrapins when one or both of their eyes swell.