What to do about dogs agressive obsessive behavior guarding my personal belon

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    Nena Kitcensposted 6 years ago

    What to do about  dogs agressive obsessive  behavior  guarding my personal belongings  and biting

    13 yr Malti-poo is  obsessive with guarding our shoes, purse, husbands pants or shoes, etc.  When we pack a bag with his food, toy, etc and someone keeps him for us, he jumps on the bag growling literaly  and would bite if you tried to remove it without distracting him first.  He has bitten me at least twice now when I took away some outside shoes that he had been guarding very aggressively every time I walked by.  It has been a problem for a while now and gotten worse.  We  try not leave anything down  where he can get to it.  It is nearly impossible to get him away without a real battle.

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    Dubuquedogtrainerposted 6 years ago

    Your dog has what is known to professional trainers, veterinarians and animal behaviorists as resource guarding. Your dog sounds like it has a pretty serious case. I recommend you consult a veterinarian for a medical evaluation to rule out any underlying medical conditions and a reward-based, force-free positive reinforcement trainer with experience in behavior modification or board-certified veterinary behaviorist to resolve this issue.