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How can I stop my dog from snapping at a 2 year old.

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    pml1002posted 6 years ago

    How can I stop my dog from snapping at a 2 year old.

    This is not her normal behavior and he has been living with us since February, I don't know why she is reacting this way. She has never bitten before. She is a black lab 6 years old and very friendly. I cannot risk my grandson being seriously hurt.

  2. Kristy Borowik profile image57
    Kristy Borowikposted 6 years ago

    You need to find the source of the bite. Is he biting out of fear, not understanding what this little person is? Is he biting out of anger because your grandson is pulling his tail or stepping on him? Once you identify the reason your dog is biting, you will have an easier time stopping him from biting. You'll also need to desensitize your dog to your grandson so that your dog does not feel the need to bite. Perhaps you can get a doll about your grandson's size and run all around the dog with it. This may sound silly, but I have seen dog behavioralists do it. Another option is to muzzle your dog and then have your grandson play around the dog until you see that your dog has gotten used to your grandson.

    Whatever you decide, closely watch your grandson and try to teach him to avoid any behaviors that trigger your dog from snapping at him.

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    mellottkatrinaposted 6 years ago

    teach him not to do it slap him or lock him up in a cage to show what he did wrong or read a book on dogs if you don't belive my advice

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    consentinoposted 6 years ago

    This is scary.  One of my biggest fear with a pet is they might hurt a small child.  The dog just might not like your grandson or is jealous of him.  I would be sure and be  around the dog and baby when they are in same room.  Maybe, show the dog alot of affection while holding the baby.  He may slowly get us to your grandson.

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    Sherrie Youngposted 4 years ago

    I have 47 nieces and nephews & 2 children, plus ran an in home daycare. My canine family learns "be easy" and "be nice" "that's a baby" before they even learn what sit and stay means.  They may never act out but then there is always "that one time" so to be on the safe side....
    I have 2 that require no leash and they are guard dogs, outside with no fence, if I hear them bark while they are "outside" I investigate...
    Hair up and running while barking all I got to say is "you be easy" and they quit, but they will go up and smell whoever it is and say hi... just sayin