What does Phena-S liquid do to dogs if ingested?

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    PamWardposted 6 years ago

    What does Phena-S liquid do to dogs if ingested?

    Our dog drank Phena_S liquid from our grandson's medicine. Not sure which one of our two adult boxers (female) it was. Approx. 1.75 to 2 oz. They weigh between 65-85 pounds. What will it do to them?

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    Lady Luvposted 6 years ago

    Consider your dog poisoned, and get them to a vet asap!
    First, induce vomiting. Either give them a dose of syrup of ipecac or stick your finger down their throat. The longer you wait to get to a vet, the more harm and long-lasting illness will occur! Do that then read the rest of this later!

    Phena-S can cause seizures in dogs, and death. They need veterinary care as soon as possible, and a liquid charcoal concoction to absorb any poison left in the stomach.

    Here is a site that may help with future instances of your pups getting into things:


    I hope this helps, and I hope I wan't too late! Good luck!