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Is it a good idea to buy a puppy from a pet store.

  1. Max A Pooch profile image61
    Max A Poochposted 6 years ago

    Is it a good idea to buy a puppy from a pet store.

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    Jenn~n~Lukeposted 6 years ago

    No. As cute as that puppy in the window may be, no reputable breeder would ever allow one of their pups to be sold to or given to a pet store. Pet stores get their pups from puppy mills. Every time someone purchases one, they are supporting that puppy mill, making money for them, thus continuing on the process of breeding even more ill bred, sickly dogs. Not to mention the price they want for these pups who are often times sick, have genetic and temperment problems, is absolutely ridiculous.  If you wnat a pup, either go to a rescue, shelter or find a REPUTABLE breeder. Do not support puppy mills and back yard breeders.

  3. twilanelson profile image59
    twilanelsonposted 6 years ago

    I think reputable and clean pet stores still exist and have good puppies for adoption (Pet Smart for example).  These puppies can be healthy, clean and well taken care of.  If you are looking for a pure bred dog, go to a reputable breeder see the American Kennel Club.

  4. Bukarella profile image83
    Bukarellaposted 6 years ago

    If I ever was in a business of selling dogs (which I'm not, and never will be), I wouldn't sell my pup to anyone who walks through the door and offers me money.

    I would do my best to screen, question, and work with any prospective buyer. I would meet the family, find out what their plans are for the weekday care for the pup (8 hours a day in a crate just won't do), find out if they had other pets and what became of them. I would insist they make appointments with a vet and sign up for classes before they pick up the pup. I would remain with them in contact, and have it written into the purchasing contract that  the pup must be returned back to me, if they realized they couldn't take care of this dog.

    Why? Because I'm choosing to bring 8-12 pups into this world, who may be abused, mistreated, or turned into dangerous animals if raised without proper care. *I* would feel responsible.

    There is not one single pet store that cares about any of the above. There is not one single breeder that sells pups to pet stores that cares about any of the above. That's why you shouldn't buy from pet stores. Either find ethical breeders or adopt.