Do you know of any specific behavioural problem that ex-racing greyhounds might

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    KT19posted 6 years ago

    Do you know of any specific behavioural problem that ex-racing greyhounds might tend to have?

    I only ask because recently we have taken in my grandads greyhound (he unfortunatly passed away) and although he had settled in a while ago, and he has always had bad manners when it came to food or shoes he has now moved on to the tv remote and also my brother mobile phone. This is becoming a problem and I was just wondering if it is something that is common or not.

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    catspiritposted 6 years ago

    I used to work for a vet many years ago. Rescue animals, although needing homes and are wonderful additions, can carry baggage. If the dog is chewing on shoes when the humans are away - it can be due to seperation anxiety. Seperation anxiety is a huge problem in any rescued animal. They have been sequestered, quarantined, moved when they settle in, and the family leaves, they usually make a stand with things that used by the family members. Shoes are a specialty item since the scent of the human is contained within. Hope this helps, although conquering these issues is a long process.

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    KT19posted 6 years ago

    It does thankyou. I though it might be something like that, but i geuss after thinking about it he might consider me being upstairs as leaving. He can't walk upstairs alone. Do you have any suggestions of how to help. I and my brother start the new college year soon and our mum is at work. I will be living away and my brother is not interested in paying attention to Nick. Would it help to give him some toys or leave the radio on, we got similar advise when our other dog had a simmilar problem when she was a puppy. Do you think that could help?