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    oluwalekeposted 9 years ago

    Water gardens and backyard ponds are for butterflies,
    frogs, birds, fish, you, and the whole family. These
    ponds may be small, may even be no larger than 3 to 4
    feet in diameter. These may be built in patio
    containers and barrels. Drawing wildlife in your
    backyard may be done by adding water gardens and
    ponds. These will not only provide enjoyment and
    interest but also a natural and relaxing environment
    as well.

    A fish pond in your backyard may become the focal
    point of your backyard conversation. So spice it up
    with this tips and techniques.

    Where to Put Up a Backyard Pond

    Place your fish pond in a place where you can best
    view it from, whether from a deck or the patio. Make
    it coincide with the natural surroundings. Do not
    place the pond where the sun can overheat it. Nestle
    it in a shaded place but not under the trees.


    It is best to slightly elevate the soil surrounding
    the pond so that excess water will not enter into it.
    Plan the drainage system of the pond, making sure that
    it draws the water away from your house.

    Landscaping the surroundings around your pond will
    provide a natural dwelling place for birds and frogs
    that need water and land. Make sure that electricity
    is available if you plan to use lights, filters, or a
    water re-circulating device.

    Do not place the pond under the trees to avoid fallen
    leaves into the pond. This technique will also provide
    less maintenance to the pond. Expose the pond to
    sufficient sunlight only since some aquatic plats grow
    well in full sun and others do not.

    Using Pond Liners

    Pond liners are used to keep water from leaking into
    the soil. It is almost always necessary for ponds even
    if it they are situated in clay soils. Pond liners
    come in different shapes and sizes. They even include
    built in waterfalls or any design based on your
    preferences. They are durable and convenient.

    Consider a polyvinyl chloride liner (PVC liner) in
    building larger ponds. In determining the size of the
    PVC, you have to know the maximum length, width, and
    depth of the pond. After which, multiply the maximum
    depth by 3. Add the answer to the width and the
    length. Now you have enough PVC to securely hold down
    the pond edges.

    Pond liners come in different thickness as well. The
    thicker the pond liner, the more resistant it is to
    punctures. Cement may be considered an optional pool
    liner. However, it requires more expertise to install
    and it may cost more than the regular plastic pond

    However, considering that many ponds are quite small,
    other plastics may be used. It may be cheaper but many
    may break down easily once prolonged exposure to
    ultraviolet light happens. Some plastics also may
    prove to be toxic to fish.

    Pond Installation

    Time your pond building when the ground is not overly
    wet or frozen. Dig the hole according to the right
    depth and place (and secure) the pond liner. Then
    landscape the pond surroundings. Remove any rocks from
    the surrounding area. Add water, plants, and a pump.
    Let the pond sit for a few days before adding plants
    and fish. Let the plants settle for at least one week
    before placing the fish.

    Then sit back and enjoy your backyard fish pond!


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